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Interview: Photographer Andrea Sartore (Spain)

Dicci qualcosa di te stesso.

Andrea Sartore is a renowned international photographer. His works have been used in magazines around the world, and has been published in magazines like National Geographic, Nature Images, Vogue Italia, Fotografare, Donna e Fashion World.

Called to work in major metropolis such as London, Paris, New York, Milan, Berlin, anticipating trends and always surprising.

Come e quando sei entrato in fotografia?

At age 17, already for passion, after moving to London and starting his professional career

Che cosa significa la fotografia per te?

A high impact image must be able to get out of the chorus, telling a story to the spectator, generating emotion and interest.

This is the philosophy that guides and distinguishes it.

Descrivi brevemente il tuo stile di fotografia per i nostri lettori.

Creates photo-cutting services such as fashion editorial, commercial photography with models.

Dove ottieni ispirazione?

From big magazines or other international photographers.

Pensate in anticipo cosa vuoi nell'immagine?

Sometimes I already have a picture imprinted in my mind, but often I let myself be inspired by the moment.

Studio, in posizione o entrambi?

I do not like the study, I find it too simple to prefer set my photos.

Ti consideri un hobbyista o un professionista retribuito?

I'm a professional.

Qual è stata la sessione più memorabile e perché?

In Berlin I work for ladygaga's designer, January was the coldest days of the year and we had to shoot an outside catologist the whole team was crying from the cold.

Qual è stata la più grande fonte di ispirazione nel tuo lavoro?


Nikon o Canon? Lente preferita?

Nikon, 50mm 1.4.

Che cos'è un consiglio che vorresti offrire a un nuovo fotografo che intende avviare la propria attività?

Hhave a lot of experience and never feel like coming? you must always study and overcome yourself.

Cosa pensi della nostra nuova rivista?

I find it very interesting

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