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Collection « RefleXion » By Marilyn Biache

Bijgewerkt op: 29 sep. 2020

Beauty, That self-image that comes back to us when she meets a mirror on her way. Above all, it is to accept oneself which gives all meaning to beauty, this reflection of the soul both abstract and well present. He will escape then a feeling of serenity, sweetness, the image of self even become reassuring.

This confusing face to face provokes a mixture of emotion, which pushes us to deep reflection.

This reflection that changes the look that one takes to our image, is where we work discreetly to illuminate, to highlight, to reveal where to discover a unique charm proper to each.

This charm that one refuses to accept sometimes by modesty, which scares or refuses to see.

You could turn your face, that turning your back, it will not change anything, not being there that we are.

Collection « RefleXion » By Marilyn Biache Artistic Direction : Marilyn Biache & Pascal Latil Hair : Marilyn Biache Make up : Laurie Feligioni Models : Mathilda.B & Elena.E Stylism : Nelly Aurouze Retouch : Elena Misjuk & Pascal Latil Relation presse - Pascal Latil - 06 16 55 05 22 8 Place Jean Jaures 13450 GRANS - France

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