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Editorial: Happy Birthday to Me

The series is about the emotional contrasts of life. About happiness and sadness, about the joyful and painful moments one is confronted with.

A young lady celebrates her birthday alone. When you look at the photographs you don't know who prepared the party. Was it a friend who has left the house or was it the lady herself?

Blindfolded she enters the room. After taking off the blindfold she is so happy when she sees the decoration and the gift. Very excited she opens the birthday present, a wonderful diadem.

She is so happy but at the same time she is very sad because she realizes her loneliness ...

The viewer of the series becomes a kind of voyeur. In his imagination he is the one who decides if the lady is lucky with her situation, if the short story will have a happy ending or not.


Torsten Behl



Wioleta (Model from Poland)

Hair and Make-Up:

Shima Khaki

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