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Interview: Make-up Artist Sabrina Raber (Germany)

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Sabrina Raber, im 27 years young and im a international (passionate) Make-up Artist from Germany.

I love to travel all around the world and create creative Looks for my pretty Clients.

Working with Make-up it`s not just my Job, its my passion and i do it with all my heart and soul.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start?

Im a Make-up Artist since one year, but i had always a deep passion for Make-up, its my absolutely Dream-job.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my Inspirations from Traveling around – i meet always so many pretty People with a different Style and a different sense of Beauty. People are my Inspiration.

I worked for a Plastic Surgeon in the Operation Theatre before i startet my own Make-up business. Beauty was always my business 😉

What are some of your makeup products that you use?

I`m totally in love with Products from MAC Cosmetics, Chanel and Huda Beauty. But i also love to work with new brands – it`s always something new.

Who have you worked for and who would you like to work for in the future?

I work with many Model-agencys, Photographers and Magazines all around Europe.

Working with new People in different Countrys was always my dream.

I would like to work with Agencys outside from Europe – VAE or USA would be really interesting.

Any makeup tips you'd like to share with us?

Create the perfect Base for your Make-up with the Embryolisse Moisturizer.

It`s the most important gadget in my Kit – it`s perfect for all skin types and leaves a gorgeous glow.

If you were not a makeup artist, what would be your dream job?

Beeing a Princess would be cool ! Just kidding 😉 I think beeing a Make-up artist is the perfect job for me – no need to change 😉

What are three things every girl needs in her makeup bag?

Lipstick, Powder and a 3D Highlighter with a sparkling finish ( 3 things are still not enough for us girls 😉 )

What are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup?

I dont like this actual “contouring hype”. Everyone wanna look like a Kardashian and that kinda sucks. People should be more creative, do whatever you like to do and dont follow the crowd.

What do you think of the magazine?

It`s so inspiring ! There are always so many interesting Photographers and Looks in there. You make such a good job for all of us Beauty Freaks 😉 Thank you !


Foto: Rawline.de Model: Alina S.Koch Hair: Madeleine Seibold Make-up: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Blitzlichtgewitter Model: Jennifer Chaxx H&M: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Cara Gutman Photography Model: Heléna Melinda Fehér Flowers: das Blumenmädchen Make-up: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Impressive Photo / Martin Wahler Model: Mishale c ora H&M: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Manuela Oberndörfer Visual Artist Models: Jenny Seibert / Verona Kingston H&M: Sabrina Raber

Photo: DJFO Photography - Denise Oppitz Model: Fabienne Schwarz van Berk H&M: Sabrina Raber

Photo: Stefanie Sauer Photography Models: Alina Roth, Laura Philipp H&M: Sabrina Raber

Picture: Cara Gutmann Photography Model: Helèna Melinda Fehèr Flowers: das Blumenmädchen H&M: Sabrina Raber

Photo: Stefanie Sauer Photography Model: Hilal Strk H&M: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Impressive Photo/Martin Wahler Model: Vivien Pfister H&M: Sabrina Raber

Foto: Rawline.de Model: Alina S.Koch Hair: Madeleine Seibold Make-up: Sabrina Raber

Photo: Stefanie Sauer Photography Model: Laura Philipp H&M: Sabrina Raber

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