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Editorial issue17 IS OUT

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04 Cover Katica Rakuljic 16 Bronze By: Cansin Soyer 30 One Second By: Andy Sturm 42 HYBRID By Eric Maurice 54 Natalia By: Studio Meks 62 Minerals By: Luiza Lipińska 70 Lines and spaces, Self-portraits 80 Step outside By: Tomasz Mazalon 90 Chiara Busetti By: Luca Defant 108 Dagna By: Michal Dabrowski 120 Gemba By: Michal Dabrowski 130 Schokpop By: Epic Shoots 146 Antognozzi By: Denis Gerolini 158 Valentina B. By: Norman Tacchi 184 Driving license By: Daniel Doyen 196 Soulmate By: Piotr Cierniak 216 Alone By: Piotr Cierniak 240 Madame By: Cédric Michel 250 Bonni Bonetti By: Patrizia Moretti

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