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Interview: Photographer Vincent Studio (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you? Hi. My name is Tadeusz. I am mature man from Poland. I live at uppersilesia. I am happy father 6 years old boy and husband of my wife. I like rock, metal music and other kind of music as well except disco polo:) I love traveling, mountain walkin and meet other people. How and when did you get into photography? 15 years ago I had small workshop, I did mouldings and I needed camera for make documentation of progres my works and build of portfolio. When I bought my first camera (kodak dx6940) i start shooting everything ( who not?) . After few years I found out of images stock (shutterstock, Istock etc). I made decision to buy of DSLR. I've been studying, reading and watching all the time. When i sold my first picture and when i did my first wedding, I understood that the photographer is what I want to do in my life What does photography mean to you? Photography mean for me lots of things. Hhappiness, sadness, tears, pain, renunci