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Biography: Photographer Gregory Pin (Poland)

I am a 52-year-old amateur photographer living in the north of Poland, in the region called Pomerania. I have two university degrees: in mathematics and in management. Photography has always appealed to me, however I turned to it more seriously seven years ago. It is sheer need and has become part of my personal development on the way to harmony. I use exclusively analogue medium-format equipment and 35 mm format (Pentackon Six and Nikon FM3a). Sonnar 180/2,8 and Planar 50/1,4 are my favourite lenses. I use Ilford materials. I develop my negatives myself. While developing I experiment with photographic chemicals looking for interesting effects like contrasts or noise. I work both at scenic photo sessions and in the atelier. I use constant light as well as light that came before.

What I appreciate about photography is utmost sincerity. If it is creation photography my aim is to bring out personal features of the person being photographed. I am interested in setting up personal relationships with my models before one is photographed. I spend hours speaking with them trying to learn as much as possible about them.

Sometimes I happen to touch their so far unspoken secrets. Then I know how I want to photograph them to show their individualism. I am looking for distinctive, vivid models. I am sure that a photo can exquisitely show a person's character. There are two things I dislike about photographs: filthy creation and vacant stare.



mod: Weronika Przymorska

mod: Agnieszka Surdej

mod: Agnieszka Surdej

mod: Malwina Krupa

mod: Malwina & Julka

mod & styl: Julka

mod & mua: Julka

mod: Marta Sadowska, mua: Alex Paraszkiewicz, hair: Gaja Kapelan, styl: JNierodzik

mod: Marta Sadowska, mua: Alex Paraszkiewicz, hair: Gaja Kapelan, styl: JNierodzik

mod: Marta Krasnyewska, hair: Gaja Kapelan

mod: Dawid Hemke, hair: Gaja Kapelan styl: Szafa z Podlasia

mod: Karolina, mua: Ewelina Łośko, hair: Gaja Kapelan

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