Biography: Photographer Michele Maglio (Italy)

22 Sep 2018

I started to get interested in photography a few years ago, my passion for music pushed me towards photography of live music; but then gradually I discovered that my true passion is people and the management of natural light. For me the models are very important but often do not play a fundamental role in my photography, I try to express through them what I think, what I see. I try to describe my world sometimes dark sometimes different and sometimes even surreal is my way of communicating my mood, my idea every once in a concept. My photography is my world.




Website: https://www.michele




“Blue Flowers”
Model: Eugenia

“Roses and Thorns”
Model: Verdiana

Model: Raravis

“Dark Illusion”
Model: Raravis

“A Red End”
Model: Raravis

“A Naked Soul”
Model: Phuong

“I Might Be Wrong”
Model: Eugenia

“A Blue Nightmare”

Model: Charlotte

“A Dark Gray”
Model: Charlotte

“May Be the Devil”
Model Alessio

“A Dark Blue”
Model: Emily

“Red Games”
Model: Eugenia


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