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Interview: Photographer Ramona Zordini (Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Class 83, I live in Brescia in Italy with my son. In addition to photography, I've been working in the tattoo world for a couple of years.

How and when did you get into photography?

I have been doing photographic research for 20 years but at a professional level for 10 years. I started as a child with my grandfather's camera, then I studied at school and at university starting my personal research and presenting them to galleries since 2007.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is a way to communicate and sometimes to talk about something uncomfortable, it is a means to get to a question that wants a thousand answers.

Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

I would like my photographic style in the artistic genre because my photographs are preconstructed starting from a main idea even if the images I create are part of an inner feeling, like a deep reportage.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I draw inspiration above all from what surrounds me, from books, art and my communication needs.

Think you in advance what you want in the picture?

Yes, I study and create the photographs in advance, starting from an idea and deepening it.

Studio, on location or both?

Lately I work only in the studio but in the past I worked a lot in the outdoor, I do not exclude to do it again.

Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

Eheh, I'm not rich, but I can say I'm a paid professional, obviously when a project likes it, it's presented in art galleries and is bought by collectors.

What has been your most memorable session and why?

The most memorable was when I left alone in the winter to do some selfies in the snow barefoot and I could hardly get to the car because my feet were frozen. There have been many memorable ones.

Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

Canon. Ef 24-70 2.8

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

I would recommend that to do this work you have to love it so much so that you have the tenacity to fight day after day especially with yourself and know how to put into play.

What do you think of our new magazine?

I think it is an interesting and varied magazine that can give a general overview of contemporary photography.

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