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Editorial Issue 24 IS OUT

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CONTENTS 04 Cover Girl: Feodora Obraztsova 16 Underconstruction By: Alizée Omaly 28 Last day of.. By: Marianna Peruń-Filus 40 On the Rocks By: Josh Iseas 54 Brennah Black By: Jack Guy 62 Brennah Black By: Jesse Peraza 66 Colors By: Erik Bos 74 SKCH By: Visionbyfaris 86 Yesterday By: Marianna Peruń-Filus 98 Sketch By: Visionbyfaris 118 American Beauty By: Tomasz C. 132 One morning.. By: Javier Cuevas 140 Kamila Korgól By: Maciej Muchliński 144 Flowers By: Sylwia Łęcka 152 Kamila Korgól By: Anita Świrek 160 Nicole Caporale By: Luca Defant 174 kayleigh By: Visionbyfaris 186 Amber Hope By: Maurizio Lenzi 196 Amber Hope By: Stefano Introvigne

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