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Editorial: VALKYRIA SPARKLE By Eric Maurice

From time immemorial history and mythology, the warrior woman is present - Flying! Powerful ! Enchantress! Fatal !

Eric Maurice pays tribute to them. These heroic women, who boldly lead their battle and govern without measures.

Like the Valkyries, fighting alongside the Nordic gods.

Two parts on this collection "Valkyria Sparkle" & "Valkyria Looks" * Valkyria Sparkle: - Warrior woman, devastating! - imperialist and sulfurous colors! - Frenetic Pigments!

* Valkyria Looks - Determined, combative woman! - Graphic cuts and conquering colors! - High hairdressing and high stitching!

A collection dedicated to women of today, by their beauty and ultimate power put forward by the creations D'Éric Maurice.

Valkyria, an ode to the warrior woman.

the VALKYRIA SPARKLE team Hairdresser Art Director - Eric Maurice Hairdresser Ambassador Wella professionals IN Collaboration with: Jacques Seban, Professional Hairdressing Equipment Make: Clementine Jarraud-Toledano Pictures & Scenography: Latil Pascal Creation Stylisme: Ludovic Winterstan Paris Stylism Assistant: Lucas Dupont Retouch: Emilie Desmeules & Latil Pascal Team Eric: Elisa Belmonte, Amandine Zachary, Romain Maurice Communication & Artistic Design: ELP Hair Production

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