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Interview: Model Magdalena Pawka (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you? My name is Magdalena , I am 21 years old, I am a Polish model currently based in Paris, France. I study management on one of the most known parisian university. I am a model since spring 2018.

If you could change anything about yourself , what would it be? Generally I am a perfecionist, everything in my job, studies has to be planned to the smallest detail. I write down any significant thoughts even if they are connected to really far future. Considering my photoshoots I am always concerned about smallest failures and try to get rid of them. I am not only posing but I check the final result and propose to make changes in it if it doesn’t meet my expectations. In fact I have to admit that it takes alot of my time which I could spend on realizing any other tasks and I would like to change it and sometimes be more spontaneous in actions.

How did you start modelling? At the beginning I have to admit that I’ve always been interested in the topic though never as a model itself. I looked upon all the models in magazines, advertisements, tv shows, I loved to watch catwalks organised in all fashion weeks. As a kid I was more than happy to stand in front of the mirror and pose like my favorite models. My passion was always with me through all this time until this year when one of my favorite photographers noticed me and proposed a photosession together. On my first time it all went really well and I was excited to do more and more. I couldn’t wait for next time I am going to stand in front of the camera. After that incident my career accelerated fastly.

What do you think of a work as a model? Being photomodel, posing in front of the camera is right now my biggest passion. It gives me a great pleasure everytime I have a new opportunity of shooting and cooperation with different photographers all over the world. Work itself helps me express myself, improve my body , it changed my point of view and helped me “grow up” mentally. I think being a photomodel is a hard work which pays off at least twice more that’s why it remains the part of my everyday lifestyle.

What is your beauty regimen? I always try to use a healthy, balanced diet and give my body right amount of water. Since childhood my mum always paid attention to the importance of nutritious meal and helped me prepare one. She always helps me stay in shape and motivates me as long as she is a fit lover. Moreover since few years I am attending handball trainings with a team. Besides I always try to find a way to work out everyday using simple running or playing around with younger sibling and cousins.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I am really hard working person, I never give up and always try to find some other way to complete my purpose. I always give all myself to every project I decide to take part in and that might be the quality which helps me stand out.

What are your plans for future? I want to finish my master degree and travel around the world. In the meantime I’d love to keep doing my passion- modelling and try to find myself in a place as a manager of models. I also want to learn few more languages and expand my knowledge in case of media management.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far? My first time on a photo session was a big experience for me as long as it helped me evolve myself, I found myself being beautiful and much more confident than before. After this situation I was able to open my mind and work for my future in fashion area. I am really grateful for everyone who made me do my first shooting and for the photographer who not only helped me feel better in front of the camera but also shared a big knowledge full of tips with me which I could use for later. Thank you so much!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling? You are beautiful so be confident about yourself, always be prepared on unexpected events coming, take care of yourself, be positive and on time . Rememeber one thing: do not let someone tell you that your work is easy and that it does not take any effort from you. It is always hard work for your future. One last thing- smile!

What do you think of the magazine? I got to know about magazine through social media sites not long time ago. I find it interesting that we can get to know closer all the models which are based around us. Magazine gives a great opportunity to get to know about all fashion business issues both for people working in it and for fashion enthusiasts. Well done! Facebook: fb.com/lateyshamodel - Instagram: laateysha

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