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Editorial issue 27 - December 2018 IS OUT

Read, download free, or order print HERE

04 Cover Girl: MISS NANCY 10 Anu Liimola, By:Robert Campbell 22 Fashion Citizen, By: Ilana Touitou 30 Worlds hanging, By: Gemma R 44 Hannah W, By: Wimborne & Hawkins 46 Playing Ball, By: Fausto Furgeri 56 Aleksandra Damps, By: Ania Kryża 66 The Beach, By: Robert Hechinger 80 Yevheniia V, By: Tarun Vachhar 86 Dicapria, By: Patrik Mertel 92 Maria Maeva, By: Patrik Mertel 110 Melissa Righi, By: Robert Campbell 124 Easthern Rebels, By: Joss Peix 136 Scrapheap Challenge, By: Tomasz C 150 Ida, By: Herand Müller-Scholtes 164 Big Hair, By: Erik Bos 176 Elle Thompson, By: Jon Robert 190 Erin Carter, By: Jon Robert 200 Natalie McKay, By: Jon Robert 210 Tyne Roberts, By: Jon Robert 222 Personal project By: Gennaro Marano

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