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Editorial: HOLOGRAPHIQUE By Laurent Voisinet

Bijgewerkt op: 25 sep. 2020

In an icy cold, let yourself be drawn into this odyssey where the retro-futurism advocates. Affirmed, the woman by Laurent Voisinet ventures on the roads of a new world inspired by Barbarella. It imposes its style with a structured cut full of character highlighted by a vibrant and intense coloring, its hypnotise aspect and brings a futuristic foretaste. The story continues with 3 buns that change the codes and project beauty into the future. The cut: A short stitch on triangular lines on the front with texturization for the material effect. STEP BY STEP Available on request cut & buns

Crédits : Artistic Director : Laurent Voisinet & Latil Pascal Hair : Lauent & Carole Voisinet Stylism : Véronique Suchet Make Up : Mariana Miteva Models : Samantha & Ines Photo & Retouch : Latil Pascal Relation Press : ELP Hair Production For WELLA France

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