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Editorial 30 - March 2019 IS OUT

Read the issue HERE


04 Cover Girl: Kseniya Arhangelova 10 Hedvig Ising, By Kim Jonsson 22 Maren Tschinkel, By Roland Koch 26 Chiara Bianchino, By Miriam Franco 38 Fashion Roof Top, By Fausto Furgeri 52 Golden Kids, By Egle Ellerman 60 Washday, By Focus17Fotografi 70 Claudia Borioni, By Francesco Micheli 86 KITCHEN'S SOUL, By Joss Peix Foto 98 Tomaszfotografia 110 Queen of damned, By Pawel Zajac 122 Pustokhod Marina, By Julia Rylskova 134 Siena Hutton, By R.Gonçalves 144 Oh Karolina, By Tomasz Mazalon 154 TAGLIGHT, By Cathy Batit 164 MUSE, By Laurent Voisinet 172 MARE NECTARIS, By Eric Maurice 186 Premeditation, By Pawel Zajac 208 Jenny Clewlow, By Robert Campbell 218 THE MOON, By Adrianna Soltys

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