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Interview: Stylist Marian Rekrutiak (Ukraine)

Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background that leads you in Fashion?

Hi, I’m Marian and I’m stylist. My first step into fashion was when I’m become 4 years old, at that age I created my first dress for my doll. And since that time, needle, threat and fabric becoming my best friends. In age of 13 I become a student of fashion courses in my native town- there we learned allot about makeup, hair dressing, costume designs, style and there I got my first modelling experience.

Lately in Kiev, when I studied economy in my University, I realised that I can’t live without fashion and decided change my direction. After few years I worked as model on Ukrainian fashion week, than in Poland and Dubai. Manville, I start working as manager in production agency based in Kyiv and finally I find myself in styling and costume design.

What is your favourite area in styling?

During my journey I tried a lot of different directions: wardrobe styling, shopping assistance, fashion shootings for editorials and brands, costume design for TV sitcoms, props styling, personal styling.And realise that I like to work as part of creative team for advertising campaigns, editorials, music videos and create whole shoot from begin till the end. From concept till the ready product.

What do you think about trends and style?

What is more important being trendy or being stylish? On my opinion being stylish- more important than being trendy. Because now we are living in epoch fast changing world. Humanity producing so big amount of new – fabric, patterns, technique and information- that can’t be fully consumed and recognized. Trends are coming and trends are going. So better if you have you own individual style and cover it with that trends which match you.

You can find it by yourself - trying new and cutting that thing which makes you uncomfortable. Or you can ask advice of professional- stylist, and he helps you in this question.

Most significant priznak that you already found your own style is when you fill yourself complete in clothes. It mean you fill yourself confidently, comfortable and happy!

What was one of your favourite shoots or projects that you worked on recently?

That is really difficult question. I like all my projects,because all of them gives me unforgettable experience and helps me going forward and rowing. I’m visual- I like beauty in all its proyavleniah, and ,of course, my tastes changing and growing with me. Thats why, after some period of time when projects done, I realised that I can make some things better or change some details

What makes you passionate about your job?

I adore creating something new, every project for me it’s some kind of challenge which help me open new sides of my creativity. I like it so much! And of course happy customers!

What’s next for you? Hm, there is good question. Now I’m wonderind about new projects all over the world. Because I’m very excited about cooperation with multinational teams in their native background. And discover how fashion business run all over the world.

And now I’m looking for opportunities which can give me that experience. I’m open for any cooperation in any landmark of fashion industry. And hope that I’ll have it in the near future.

To come to an end, where can our readers follow you and your work, any social media platforms? (Mariann Rekrutiak)

Photographer Vadym Yatsun - MUA Galina Lozynska

Photographer Vadym Yatsun - MUA Galina Lozynska