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Interview: Hair and makeup artist Marja Hermes (Netherlands)

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Marja Hermes. I work as a hair and makeup artist since 2008. I'm 32 years old, living in Amsterdam and I really love my job. Every day is different. It's great working with all kinds of people and make them even more beautiful. It's very creative and I feel blessed that I can do what I love.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start?

Ever since childhood I’ve had the desire to create and true love for beauty, make-up and fashion. So for me it was just a natural choice to follow my passion and start my education at The House of Orange make-up school in Amsterdam. After graduation I realised my interests reached further than only make-up, so I took the next step and started studying at the Thomas Institute Hairschool in Rotterdam. Once completed, my wish was to separate myself from the mass and in 2008 I started as an independent hair and make-up artist.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m in constant search of inspiration, wich I find in meeting new people, clients and trough one of the many perks in my work, being able to travel all over the world. Trips to South Africa, New York, Los Angeles, Venice, Malta, Sicily etc. The difference in cultures have inspired me to continuously keep an eye on new faces, colours, styles, textures, techniques and creations.

In the past years I have worked in many fields of expertise. From editorial to commercial, portraits to high-end fashion shows. As a result of that I have build a solid base of clients.

What are some of your makeup products that you use?

My favourite products are at this moment the luminous silk foundation of Giorgio Armani. really gorgeous. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream I use for all the models. I love the nail polishes of Pupa Milano, dries fast and good pigmented. From Tom Ford I use the eyebrow sculpter taupe a lot.

And Ellis Faas has really lovely liquid eyeshadow pens that has a high pigmentation.

Who have you worked for and who would you like to work for in the future?

In the past 10 years I was lucky to work with so many people and clients all over the world. For the highlights you can see on my instagram and website

My biggest dream is to work some day for a cosmetic brand and make their campaign and commercial. Like the big brands, Lancome, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior etc. they have really amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, inspirational, sometimes romantic, stunning, or bold commercials and campaigns. Sometimes like tiny stories.

Any makeup tips you'd like to share with us?

Beauty starts from inside. Treat yourself nicely. Hydrate your skin every day and experiment now and then. Surprise yourself.

If you were not a makeup artist, what would be your dream job?

I like a lot of different things. We have a lot of sleepovers with friends, cooking playing games, so running a bnb or something. Or having a store, i like to collect, make and sell stuff. Having my own beauty institute. To have a relaxing place where people can reload. I like changing my home so something with interior design. But actually, I'm so lucky that I already have my dream job! :-)

What are three things every girl needs in her makeup bag?

Lipbalm, (8 hour cream) i cannot without. A nice foundation or bb cream Mascara (explosive lashes, Pupa milano) with these 3 you can have a quick, healthy, fresh, glowy look.

And what's always in my bag is a hand cream (I love at this moment the one from ahava, sea kissed deadsea water)

What are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup?

They stick years and years on the same look, colours or products. Try, change and dare sometimes something different.

What do you think of the magazine?

It's a nice magazine! Thanks for the interview!

Instagram link – website -facebook -> marjahermes

Photo Roel van Koppenhagen

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo: Roel van Koppenhagen

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Mark Groeneveld - Styling Ingrid Hurkmans

Photo Mark Groeneveld - Styling Ingrid Hurkmans

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Daisy Komen Styling Lizzy van Dijk

Photo Ron Stam

Photo Dario & Misja Styling Pedro Dias

Photo Allard Honigh - Styling Bastiaan van Schaik

Photo Roel van Koppenhagen Styling Kim Keizer

Photo Allard Honigh Styling Bastiaan van Schaik

Photo Natasja Noordervliet - Styling Django

Photo Dario & Misja

Photo Stefan marcel gerard - Styling Jasmin Quastenit

Photo Feriet Tunc - Styling Danielle Dinkgreve

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