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Bio: Model Daria Savik (Russia)

My name is Daria Savik. Since childhood, I strove for knowledge of art and the ability to find myself in it.

Art and photography are connected to each other.

My idea and goal has always been to embody different images and find myself in them. I love bright creative filming, where I can show my character, be different. One of my favorite photographers is Steven Klein. my idea and dream and goal is to work with him, in the image in which he sees me himself. Im going to build my career in the west, where there are many worthy leading photographic artists of the world, whose ideas I can realize. For those who want to start a modeling career: you need to be yourself, work on yourself and be confident in yourself. One of my favorite shot was in Paris. with husky dogs. I got so accustomed to my image that the photographer and I were pleased with the result. I love creative approach and extraordinary thinking at work. I follow the posts and articles of paper magazine. it is a vibrant magazine that is always interesting to read and watch. ModellenLand Magazineis a fresh, new submission-based editorial publication that celebrates the true art of fashion. It really is. I am happy to follow new posts and articles. I think this is a great magazine for new people who want to prove themselves in modeling work.

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