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Bio: Model Mellanie Elizabeth Villefrance (Denmark)

I am a young woman of 23 years named Mellanie Elizabeth Villefrance, I was born and raised in Denmark and have some French genes from my father's side.

I have been a model since January 30, 2015 as well as 5 years soon. It first started when I recognized I had a problem, I had an eating disorder which made me feel I needed to be in a way for people to like me or be familiar with me, but as a model I could be allowed to see myself, at that time I had a hard time seeing myself and seeing who I was and being good enough exactly as I am.

I had a hard time in my life and showing people who I am, through my language or my behavior, then they can often be misunderstood, but not when I was in front of the camera there I have always felt free and much more myself when I am in front of the camera because a camera does not lie it shows the side of me that I see myself when I look at myself in the mirror I love and be a model and can't imagine a future where I wouldn't be a model anymore.


Photograp Nik skjoth

Photograp Mosaab Alsaray

Photograp Kurt Johansen

Photograp Mike Wilson

Photograp Kurt Johansen

Photograp Jan Hansen

Jesper Kristian

Jesper Kristian

Jesper Kristian

Photograp Jan

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