Editorial 37 - March 2020 IS OUT

18 Mar 2020


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04 Cover Girl: Valerie Claeys
08 Lau Ths,By Xavier Jacky
14 Aliya Kireeva, By Gaston Lamaitre
24 Anka Barešić, By Ama Caporrimo
30 The Lensball, By Jurgen van Loo
38 Ground Zero, By Pascal Latil
44 Sonia, By ,Agata Jabłońska
50 Sonia, By Elżbieta Tomiak
56 Nella Mwasi, By Jean Claude De Vuono
70 White Girl, By Fausto Furgeri
80 Valentine's day, By tomaszfotografia
90 Katya Bakat, By Igor Malakhov
100 Thorns Of Roses, By Eric Maurice
116 Petals Of Roses, By Eric Maurice
130 Cool Boy, By Stefanos Spanidis
142 Woman and Coffee, By Rafski
154 Les Favorites, By Laurent Voisinet
162 Ludovica, By Gemma R.
174 Weronika Sochacz, By Kamil Kowalczyk
188 Claudia Lucchini, By hong kong paul
198 Anka Barešić, By Mark Flynn
212 Photographer, Emmanuell Muro

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