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Interview : Photographer Sebastien Puybonnieux (France)

How would you describe yourself?

I own my DSLR for 6 years now, even though i have a State Degree i still consider myself self-taught. I always put a bit of sweetness in my photos and even if I take on humanitarian médical missions, I always find a positive and kind look in my work. I am very lucky to have already been published in several countries and even to have made press covers in france, belgium, switzerland, protugal. for a beginner like me it's pretty good.

Do you remember when you decided you wanted to be a photographer, how was it like

and how did you get started?

I started photography 6 years ago following a long illness. I needed to find an activity to meet people. I chose to become a professional photographer only on last December,

How were your first pictures like, how do you feel when you look back at them?

I think they weren’t too bad (hahaha), naturally i didn’t know all the techniques i know now. I

always try to find a sweet and feminine tone in my photos.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere you look nowadays, we are exposed to tons of photos every day, especially in

books, on internet.

Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?

I confess that the videos of Jerry Ghionis's works gives me chills and inspires me. Jerry

besides being a great technician, also is a great photographic eye. Besides him I can think

to Ludovic Barron, Nath Sakura, Kai Boet, Amanda Diaz and to “JR”.

Do you enjoy all the backstage work and all the creative parts that we don’t see, tell us a

bit about that, in your eyes what makes a “perfect” picture?

In my point of view above all else what matters is the human adventure, no matter how big or small, the workflow and the pleasure of working together is the most important. A shooting must be

enjoyable to all members. When a photographer publishes his photos, he must show the work of all the team, that is the model, the stylist, the makeup, the hairstyler, and assistants. As for me, I'm eternally unsatisfied, or should I say, it's unlikely that the “perfect” photo will

ever be taken or edited by me.

And what about all the after shoot work, all the editing, do you enjoy that as well?

I consider myself a little lucky to know so much about Photoshop, I hate post-production, even if I master this field,So I decided to solve this so-called "problem" with an AI (artificial intelligence)that I am developing to do the retouching for me, it is still in its developing state but I intend to have it ready very soon at a very affordable price for everyone.

What was your most memorable photo shoot so far and why?

Actually it's not just one shooting but several that I would call memorable. I love taking

wedding photos and leaving a very important mark on families lives, moments that will live

for years. during a wedding, the photographer writes the history of families, he creates the imprint, the trace,, Maybe in 300 years they will look back at my photos and see their grandfathers

smile on that very important date.

My very best reward has always been the emotions shown by the couple as they look at my

photos and see the tears of joy in their eyes.

What makes you say “YES” to a project?

Humanism and positivism.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer to a new photographer looking to

start their own business?

Study profoundly about being a good photographer, the level of knowledge required,

the investment in the professional equipment, the locals, the insurance... Being professional means that you will need to know how to answer all your customers' orders and not just in portrait or landscape, many don't think of this. But also know your strengths and weaknesses in a market that isn't done expanding.

What more can we expect to see from you in the future, what are your main goals?

I currently have many projects I am working on, I always intend to actively work with all modeling agencies in France as well as in other foreign countries, such as "Fashion Studio Agency" in Lisbon. I also have a lot of projects now, but it's a bit too early to talk about it. follow my news the coming months will be full of news,

What do you think of our new magazine?

Since 5 years, Modellenland Magazine is a fresh brand in the fashion magazine market, with a refined and natural style. The people who make it manage to present it free of charge, in this demanding market. That makes a very strong asset. I gotta give my most sincere congratulations to the whole team for managing to achieve this.

What message would you like to leave to all our readers?

In these harsh times, I would say stay supportive, take care of yourself and people around

you and keep taking photos and enjoying the life.

Mannequin: Cristina Cunha

Hair stylist:Cyrielle Chardes

Make-up : Rachel Chirol

Mannequin: Cristina Cunha

Hair stylist and make up: Cristina

Mannequin: Cristina Cunha Hair stylist:Cyrielle Chardes Make-up : Rachel Chirol

Mannequin: Youlia Maksimtchouk

Agence: Be 1 Scouting & Production

Hair stylist and make up: Youlia Maksimtchouk

Mannequin: Youlia Maksimtchouk

Agence: Be 1 Scouting & Production

Hair stylist and make up: Youlia Maksimtchouk

Outfit: Mod'elle Limoges

Mannequin: Elena Belyaeva

Hair stylist and make up : Elena Belyaeva

Mannequin: Elena Belyaeva

Hair stylist and make up: Elena Belyaeva

Mannequin: Sabina Aslanbekova

Hair stylist and make up: Sabina Aslanbekova

Mannequin: Sabina Aslanbekova

Hair stylist: Marie Nigrette

Mannequin: Alizé Baj

Swimwear: Perle de Caviar

Mannequin : Aurélie Lapouge

Mair stylist : Pelissier Haute Coiffure Francaise

Mannequin: Luucya Moro

Hair stylist ; Marie Nigrette

Outfit : Mod'elle Limoges

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