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Interview: Stylist Magdalena Bastkowska (Poland)

Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background that lead you to fashion designing?

My name is Magda (42), I am certified fashion stylist with over 3 years of experience. Fashion has always been in my centre of attention, however I had not planned convert into my professional career… then suddenly one day I heard from my friends “Madzik, you have an unique fashion style, maybe you should take a chance to make a real career in this field?” I laughed a little bit, because I smile a lot to my life and finally I said “why not”. Then, this happened and started realizing it. I started training at Fashion Academy, after successfully completed the school I purchased clothing and started to create my portfolio. It wasn’t easy, the success cost a lot and at the beginning is your enemy. Frankly saying, I did invest a lot of money in order to get my first wardrobe. The first 1,5 year I was working for free to build my brand. However, thanks to the huge support from my friends I was able to go forward and don’t stop my path. Then, being 39 year old the best support I got from my parents and here, now I would like to take this opportunity to thank them a lot. I really appreciate this moment!! The success did not show up immediately, but nothing fails like a failure, nothing succeeds like a success.

Describe your designs for anyone who doesn’t know your work yet.

My designs are absolutely individual projects. SmalI treat them very customised. Part of them were done in cooperation with Marek Lesniak, very talented and creative metalwork master, that inspired me in creating metal designs. These projects are out of reality and the main inspiration was the movie “Alien”. Creator of metal projects is Marek. I would love that my designs would be part of me, very detailed, so that is why I pay attention to details in a very unique way. I create very comfortable environment for model to make them feel who they are and depends on personality, the colour of their eyes, skin, hair. Every project I create is enriched by my instinct, feelings, experience and my heart.

What is your most productive working time/style? Productive working time??? Hmmm??? I am like a bat, the most effective time for hunting new ideas is just simply the middle of the night.

Describe your creative process.

My creativity process is built very gradually, piece by piece, step by step, touch by touch, detail by detail. Very shortly after graduating my fashion school, in one of the “Fun for two cameras” Digital Camera magazine publication, my thesis work photos were published. Then, it was the first time when appreciation came to me and I was delighted and satisfied. Then, the first paid opportunity came with Jakub Cegielski project, the first money I did receive. Next moves were very purposive and well defined, that caused my personal believe and understanding that I want to do what I do today, giving me feeling that I do what I want to do in a very pleasant way. Currently I possess very successful publications in Modelleland Editorial 36 Issue 55 – January 2020, Lyun’Fashion No 12 December 2019, (Polish artists association) awards and appearance in Gallery Of Refined Art. I have been taking part in commercial projects for BOSCH and Eveline Cosmetics. I was invited for photography workshops organized by OKFS (Polish Students Photography Contest) and what is significant I cooperate with well-known photographers. However, the most valuable award is “recipient-spectator”, thanks to them I have an energy to be creative.

Tell me about a time when a client didn’t like your work.

So far I have not experience. Thank God!!

What was one of your favourite shoots or projects that you worked on recently? All projects I have done are very unique, specific, detailed oriented, I feel connection between them and my soul. I have met very unique, fantastic, unforgettable people, some of them come back to me to work more. It means a lot for me and it is the best appreciation I would receive as reward.

Do you have a supporting team/staff or do you work solo? Many projects I have done by myself, obviously I have my dream team or the other way I am part of their dream teams. I believe in synergy. Most of them are my close friends that trust me and they have a lot of patience for my ideas. I need to mention my friend, outstanding stylist Lene Outinen as well as master in photography presets gR!

What has been the most rewarding moment of your career, so far?

You may be surprised, but probably this interview is the best reward for me today 😊

What do you like outside fashion? I like snooker, reading biographies, I love buying shoes and finding fashion real gems.

Being a wardrobe stylist as well, do you have a favourite fashion era?

Yes, I do love the 20’s wardrobe style. Elegance, style, glamour, make up and womanlike niceness. This decade fashion it is much more than feather dress in black.

Being a fashion designer and wardrobe stylist, what kind of clothes do you like to wear yourself?

I have to surprise you, I love avangarde, fashion clothes, very colourful, I have many of them in my wardrobe. My recent discovery and my favourite among clothes companies is COMINO COUTURE, however my daily basis style is jeans, t-shirt, high hills.

Your worst work experience as a wardbrobe stylist?

I have not had any.

If there ever comes a day in which you’re given a choice of being a wardrobe designer or a fashion stylist for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Without any doubt and definitely I would prefer to be stylist, but my wedding dress I would design myself😊

To come to an end, where can our readers follow you and your work, any social media platforms?

I do strongly invite all of you to my Instagram page Magdalena Bastkowska as well as

Facebook: magdalena bastkowska

instagram: Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Marcin Ciepieniak Mod. Magdalena Krakowiak Mua.Sylwia Nawrocka Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Marcin Ciepieniak Mod. Lene Outinen Mua. Ewa Piekut Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Jakub Cegielski Mod.Joanna Gacek Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. gR! Mua.Magdalena Dobra Mod.Mariola Karczmarczyk Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Hair. Magdalena Bastkowska armor Marek Leÿniak

Fot. gR! Mod. Dorota Kozêowska Mua Aneta J Kajzer Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska and Lenestyl Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. gR! Mod.Karoll Koral Mua Anna BarKing Hair Magdalena Bastkowska Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska i Lenestyl

Fot. Ewa Piekut Mod. Dominika ¢ako Mua. Ewa Piekut Styl. and Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot.Paweê Gerula Mod. Klaudia St®pka Mua. Wera Tutaj styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot.gR! mod. Victoria NastasiaAnette Styl.Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot.gR! Mod. Madzik Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Mua.Magdalena Bastkowska Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Rafaê Ossowski Mod.Marta Majchrowska Mua.Katarzyna Chruÿciõska Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Piotr Kamiõski Mod. Marta Majchrowska Mua. Katarzyna Chruÿciõska Dog. Aamon akaal

Fot. Rafaê Ossowski Mod.Marta Majchrowska Mua.Katarzyna Chruÿciõska Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Paweê Gerula Mod. Agnieszka Gomóêka Mua.Wioletta Peem Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska Hair Magdalena Bastkowska

Fot. Marcin Ciepieniak Mod.Kamil Bogucki Styl. Magdalena Bastkowska

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