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Interview: Stylist Magdalena Bastkowska (Poland)

Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background that lead you to fashion designing?

My name is Magda (42), I am certified fashion stylist with over 3 years of experience. Fashion has always been in my centre of attention, however I had not planned convert into my professional career… then suddenly one day I heard from my friends “Madzik, you have an unique fashion style, maybe you should take a chance to make a real career in this field?” I laughed a little bit, because I smile a lot to my life and finally I said “why not”. Then, this happened and started realizing it. I started training at Fashion Academy, after successfully completed the school I purchased clothing and started to create my portfolio. It wasn’t easy, the success cost a lot and at the beginning is your enemy. Frankly saying, I did invest a lot of money in order to get my first wardrobe. The first 1,5 year I was working for free to build my brand. However, thanks to the huge support from my friends I was able to go forward and don’t stop my path. Then, being 39 year old the best support I got from my parents and here, now I would like to take this opportunity to thank them a lot. I really appreciate this moment!! The success did not show up immediately, but nothing fails like a fa