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Editorial: DESERT ROSES "Thorns Of Roses" By Eric Maurice

In the hollow of a desert, in this hostile and arid environment, appear like a mirage amplified by color and force these flowers with immense petals, a new and surreal gleam hatches again boiling sands. Two worlds that oppose without dissociating.

This collection consists of 2 universes Petals Of Roses & Thorns Of Roses We present here the continuation of these 2 universes

Thorns of Roses Strong and unconventional women with multiple faces, roses with strong thorns, strong and messy colors, an explosion of pigments, punchy and offbeat tones.

Creative Director : Eric Maurice

Art director Mydentity France & Benelux

In Collaboration with: Jacques Seban

Pictures & Scenography : Latil Pascal

Make up : Orlando Martin

Stylisme : ELP Hair Production

Stylism Assistant : Lucas Dupont

Hair Team Eric : Romain Maurice, Elisa Belmonte,

The Code Team : Chary Pascual, Yaiza Hernandez, Maryoret Santana, Enrique Acosta

Vidéo : Hermine Boissard

Communication & Artistic Design : ELP Hair Production

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