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Interview: Make-up artist Saartje Van Den Haute (Belgium)

Can you tell us a little about you?

I'm Saartje Van Den Haute, A freelance make-up artist from Belgium.

Was a makeup artist something you always wanted to be?

In school I studied Audio visual arts. I loved photography and film but was also passionate about the make-up and special effects in movies. I loved to play around with make-up and give myself a fake bruise with the discarded eye shadowbox of my mom or give myself fake blisters with candle wax. Since I was a little kid I loved arts. I even colored the freshly papered walls at home, because I wanted to make them “prettier”.

How did you get started?

I wanted to learn more about make-up and started a course about the basics. I loved it more than I ever could imagine. So I followed a more extensive course afterwards. I'm still following courses till this day, because you never stop learning!

Have you been able to develop nice projects and where do the ideas come from?

I'm really fortunate and thankful to already have worked with lovely and outstanding team members.

Each of them gave the best of themselves to each project. Most of the time the ideas come both ways. Sometimes the photographer, designer of other team member comes with the concept, or it happens I get carte blanche and they ask what I have in mind. It’s lovely they give me their trust but for me it's also important to hear their input too. A good team, where there is trust in each other, is important to make magic!

Do photographers and models have their own ideas and do you find this a challenge?

Like mentioned before, it comes both ways. And I love to see what's going on in their minds!

I learn from it and it takes me out of my comfort zone. That's how you do things you never done before.

Do you think there is still a future as a make-up artist?

Now, with Youtube and Instagram there are a lot “so called” make-up artist around. Which is good in terms of creativity and ideas. But I think you cannot compare it to a certified Make-up artist who followed +100 hours of courses, workshops, internships... It's important to have knowledge of the products you use, how it works on every single person you have in front of you, hygiene, ... Not every make-up look is full on glam. It's also important to do make-up without the visibility of it. I don't want to take every self taught make-up artist down, because some of them do work really hard and know what they are doing and I also love their work. A lot of people say: wow for that price I know someone who does it cheaper or for free! Why do you ask so much... Know that, they are not always well trained, certified Make-up artist, but most of the time self taught mua's or beauticians who does make-up with otherwise cheap products, do touch ups or use products from the store they work in. Please keep in mind it's not only the make-up you pay for. A lot of beginning mua's will work under the market price because of this pressure, and that's so sad and breaks the industry! So please support the professional mua's, photographers, models, designers, actually every creative artist! We work and learn hard to give you the best! And now with COVID-19 it's harder then ever for the creative industry.

What we do, we do with passion!

Do you work a lot with mood boards yourself or are you someone who prefers to do her own thing?

Having a mood board is great to know what's going on in the client's mind. And from there on, I start working things out. It also happens that we do a shoot with no idea what we are going to do and most of the time they are the most fun to do. But when that happens, we know how the other works and thinks. But that's just great, because you can go over the top and make something very creative!

What makeup do you usually use for a schoot?

I have several brands I almost always work with. Most of them are more high end brands specialized in HD make-up. But on creative shoots, does it always have to be make-up you use? Think outside the box! For instance: If you think this beautiful flower would look nice on your model's face, stick it on! Let the inner child loose. As long it's not permanent, take a shower and it's gone! That's the fun part about make-up. Experiment, have fun!

Are there still things you really want to realize?

I think I'll never stop dreaming and learning. It would be an honor to do make-up for film and series or music videos. I also adore doing crazy make-up looks, so doing fashion shows and high fashion editorials on regular basis would be amazing! But for now on I just let it all come my way. I can't wait to see what the future brings.

What do you think of the people's make up

What's the definition of beautiful? If people love what they're doing, experiment, go out of their comfort zone, who am I to stop them? It's beautiful to see people opening up and exploring themselves. Just do you, find yourself, love yourself and be yourself! By the way trends and the “definition” of beautiful changes all the time. Why cling on that? Just follow what feels good and express it in your own way!

Do you still have a message to the modeling world?

Stay true to yourself. Don't let yourself drag down and trust your instincts! Be thankful for all the opportunities you've got and who helped you along the way. Don't sell yourself cheaper than your worth. And if you fall down seven times, stand up eight! That's for everyone in the creative industry!

And don't forget: Love what you do! (Instagram: saarmariamua_)

Photographer: Julia Egger (Instagram: juliaesphotographs, )

Model: Sara Scarlet (Instagram: sarascarletmodel, )

Designer: epic-couture (Instagram: epic_couture_vie, )

Photographer: Steve Dean Mendes (Instagram: steve_dean_mendes)

Model: Lea de Wouters, Dominique Models Agency (Instagram: lea.dewouters)

Photographer: Steve Dean Mendes (Instagram: steve_dean_mendes)

Model: Andrew Douglas (Instagram: dreew.douglas)

Photographer: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen (Instagram: defotograafsanne, )

Model: Kimberley Nutbey (Instagram: kimberleynutbey, )

Chainmail: M's Chainmail Design (Instagram: mchainmaildesign)

Catacomb Halo: Hysteria Machine (Instagram: hysteriamachine, )

Photographer: Paige Addams (Instagram:, )

Model: My Fragility (Instagram: myfragility)

Photographer: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen (Instagram: defotograafsanne, )

Model: Kimberley Nutbey (Instagram: kimberleynutbey, )

Designer: Sewn by Vedder (Instagram: sewnbyvedder,

Photographer: Elvire Van Ooteghem (Instagram: elvirevo, )

Model: Belgian Freckles (Instagram: belgianfreckles)

Photographer: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen (Instagram: defotograafsanne, )

Model: Nymphiah (Instagram: nadizombiechu)

Photographer: Julia Egger (Instagram: juliaesphotographs, )

Model: Lana Van Deynze (Instagram: daria.hen.kelin)

Photographer: Julia Egger (Instagram: juliaesphotographs, )

Model: Lana Van Deynze (Instagram: daria.hen.kelin)

Photographer: Steve Dean Mendes (Instagram: steve_dean_mendes)

Model: Elise (Instagram: grdelise)

Designer: Rosalie Boonstra (Instagram: rosalieboonstra)

Photographer: Alana Clemens (Instagram: alanaclemensphotography, )

Model: Chloë Lablanche (Instagram: chloe.lablanche)

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