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Interview: Model Ekaterina Litvinenko (Russia)

What can you tell about yourself?

I am attracted by the world of beauty, elegance, well-groomed, blooming women - perhaps that is why I have already mastered several professions in a given direction: Imagemaker, Model,Makeup artist, Hairstyle stylist HOW DOES IT HELP ME IN LIFE? I do not work in all of the areas I have mastered with clients, but I can always apply the knowledge gained to my advantage: I do my own makeup on set and at home. I can choose a style for myself and my children in everyday life or for a photo I know how to use professional cosmetics for the care of face and body skin, hair and nails at home. I know how to pose, feel confident in photos. My principle: "Don't put a frame!" Do not be afraid of mistakes when choosing a direction for self-development or education. It seems to me that any knowledge works for you, provides a foundation, enriches, saturates you as a professional in any field, makes you a versatile, interesting, filled person.

If you could change something in yourself, what would it be?

Now I accept myself as I am in any period of my life - time changes, fashion changes, I change. And what yesterday seemed to me ugly, upset with its imperfection, tomorrow can only become a fond memory.

How did you start modeling?

I started working as a model back in Russia. When social networks appeared, I began to upload my personal photos and photographers and brands began to offer me cooperation. Plus I really like taking pictures, this is my love for photography, I gladly accepted various creative projects. This is a good experience for me.

What do you think of working as a model?

You know that photography is my crazy hobby and now it's work. I feel incredibly happy, because I managed to make what I really like, the work of my life. Therefore, I do not feel at all that I am working - I just do what I love, and I get pleasure and money.

What is your beauty regimen?

Beauty, of course, comes from the inside, and our appearance is a reflection of the inner world. You need to strive to look the way you want and dream. This is a lot of work on yourself. Daily routines fill me with energy. I have a rough plan for personal care. Monday: facial. Treatment options: peels, masks, eyelashes, eyebrow shaping. Everything a person needs. Tuesday: body care Treatment options: wraps, massages, peels, hydration, nutrition. Wednesday: hand care Manicure, massages, masks, peels Thursday: foot care Pedicure, foot bath, massage, peeling, body wrap, moisturizing with cream. Friday: hair care Treatment options: going to the hairdresser, new hairstyle, painting, restoration, masks. Saturday: bath. Spa, massage. I also do not forget about nutrition and sports.

What are your plans for the future?

Now one of the main goals for me is the success of my children, development and education. And also my success in modeling. I plan to open my own business additionally. Do what you like. Spend more time with your family.

What are your personal qualities that distinguish you from others?

I live in Vietnam. There are not many foreigners here now. I look different. I have white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. This is a plus for Vietnam. Secondly, I am a model over 30. And a mother of two children. What sets me apart from other younger models. However, some people do not understand why famous brands should invite their mother as a model. This is a lot of advantages, primarily for the brand: ⠀ 1. Audience loyalty: in fact, many clients of famous brands are mothers. And lookbooks in which the model is similar to themselves immediately evoke sympathy and trust in customers. 2. Non-standard approach. Today the trend is towards naturalness and lifestyle format. People are pleased to see not only perfect girls in ads, but also themselves. 3. Relevance. Proactive, fashionable mothers who manage to be both the keeper of the hearth and find time for themselves and their projects are the trend of our time. By inviting such models, brands support women who choose this lifestyle.

What are your favorite experiences so far?

For example, right now I understand how much I love my age: I am still so young, but already so mature. And I am the mother of two wonderful daughters - it's magical. I thank the Universe for the fact that every year and day I have lived has brought me to where I am. I gained invaluable experience. I now live by the sea, sun, wonderful weather. It's great.

What advice would you give to those who want to start modeling?

Be yourself. After all, only being himself, a person opens up to 100% and acquires an individuality that attracts. ^ It's never too late to start. I only started modeling when I was 28. I am now 31 years old. And this is just the beginning. ^ Be friendly and tactful, persistent. High motivation is what helps the model to achieve serious success. If a model has charm, it will quickly acquire regular customers.

What do you think of the magazine?

Thanks to Modellenland Magazine You give creative people the opportunity to realize themselves. New acquaintances are always great. I love magazines, this is a good development for me as a model.,

Makeup: Don Le.

Photo: Paul Phan