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Interview: Model Lila D. Kot (Poland)

Bijgewerkt op: 29 mrt. 2021

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hello there. I'm artistic model, I pose mostly nude. As for the day job, I work in a printery business. In the meantime, I'm an artisan, seamstress, medieval Slavic reenactor and a wife. I really seldom got time to rest, there just too much fun things to do in life.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I could really use having more confidence during everyday life. In front of a camera I feel powerful, invincible, but when the lights go off, I struggle with my emotions and thoughts. Now is better, as I'm older, but I wish my younger self was tougher and just go like a hurricane towards life.

How did you start modelling?

Not a very romantic story, I was a student and need money for the rent. I find annoucement on Facebook about searching for an alternative models for internet community-based website. I just got my first tattoo and was very proud of it. It was quite good photoshoot despite me being an absolute amateur. Afterwards, makeup artist ask me about recommendation, so I made a little portfolio on a modelling site. And then it went like a avalanche, offers one after another, and so it goes to this day. I found it fun, I have a talent for posing and it's good way to express myself.

What do you think of the work as a model?

Actually, as a child I never really dreamed about being a model, but more of a fashion designer. It took me a bit by surprise, as I was a tomboy teenager. But what I absolutely love about modelling is a way to having taste things I would never have in normal way. There are endless possibilities of experiencing the extremes, overcoming obstacles and discomforts, satisfying the undisclosed desires. The sensation of wet soil under bare feet, muddy lake water on lips, freezing wind on skin, muscles sore from tightening – rush of adrenaline and satisfaction of doing my best is really intoxicating.

What is your beauty regimen?

It's not much really. I was blessed with good metabolism and feminine curves, so I eat what I want. I prefer doing field work or other physical activities that sports. One thing I must really care about is good sleeping schedule and resting in general, as I have tendencies to overdoing myself. I don't really sweat about my appearance, I focus on acting and communication with photographers.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

Besides the urge to try everything and being quite a versatile model, I also like working with amateur photographers. I often participate in photo workshops and meetings, when I can use my experience and creativity to find a path to their imagination and together make a photo we're proud of. I always try to be as prepared as I can, having many styling pieces and concept ideas at hand that I can offer those who are searching for inspiration. I also accept almost every of my photos, when I'm working with amateurs. For me it may be not the best piece of art I have, but for them it's tool for learning and sometimes very first good photos they take. Such meetings are the most fun way to work – meeting new people, improvising, working under time pressure and exchanging experiences afterwards.

What are your plans for the future?

I thought about distancing myself from modelling a couple of times, since I'm not a fresh youngster anymore, but at this point I can’t stop, it's like an addiction now. In June I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first photoshoot, it's insane! I secretly dream about being a old, wrinkly lady with long silver hair, doing crazy artistic modelling. My unsurpassed ideal is late Andrzej Bersz, wonderful artist and man, with whom I got an honour working upon multiple occasions. Right now I'm really into costume making, especially headdresses. Or maybe I'll move to the other side of camera, if the day will magically expand to 50 hours.

What are some of your favourite experiences so far?

I met people who shaped me into person I am now. Analogue photographer I met on my first workshops, Jacek, who teaches me all about emotions I can show on photos, how I can take my experiences and use it for acting. Also Miłosz, with his extraordinary mind and endless imagination, who even made my first photos with my then-boyfriend-now-husband (who actually hates having photos). Roman, who create a worderful photo meetings – Mazurskie Spotkania Z Fotografią and I got me on board about 9 years ago. He can't get rid of me since then, and it's been 20 editions already. I can go endlessly about all the people whom I'm grateful for the place I am now.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

As cheeky as it sounds, be yourself. Not because faking attitude is necessarily bad (I'm faking confidence most times), but because it's a boring and tiresome route. Just do what you like in the way you like. What catches the eye of the viewer is your character reflected in the photo. If you got it, you got all the weapons you need. Someday you will inspire someone new and this feeling is worth every pain and grief you went through.

What do you think of the magazine?

I go absolutely ecstatic when I read the offer! I saw many other models and photographers in there and always envied. But as I'm not good on doing steady social media work, I would never believe I will get such an invitation. But here I am! I'm grateful I could share a bit of myself here and maybe leave a tiny mark in someone mind. Thank you!

Photo Dorota Górecka, MUA Aga Zajdel

Photo Robert Mosso Rzeźnik - Hair Julia Olędzka - Designer Extinct Sacr

Photo Robert Mosso Rzeźnik, hair Julia Olędzka, designer Extinct Sacrif

Photo Piotr Kolakowski

Photo Nikolay Gusev - Model Nikita Shkut - MUA Blanka Smolarek - Hair Julia Olędzka

Photo Miłosz Wozaczyński, models Andrzej Bersz +Sawa Rogoś, MUA+hair Matylda Wałęsa, stylist Barbara Olejniczak

Photo Mariusz Jabłoński

Photo Magdalena Bednarek

Photo Justyna Pabiasz, MUA+hair Aleksandra Rutkowska, stylist Garderoba Lucy

Photo Arek Dziki, Hair Aleksandra Piłat

Photo Kwadratowe Portrety, assist Piotr Stach

Photo Aleksander Borowski - MUA Blanka Smolarek+Anna Lipka - Hair Julia Olędzka

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