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Interview: Model Victoriah (UK)

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Hello, my name is Dana Victoriah Hendry. First of all I am a full-time mummy since 18.11.18 @18.18 to 2 beautiful little children. Isabella and Maximilien. Prior to that and to the present day I am also a full-time model for over 15 years. I am internationally signed and published, however, I am my own manager schedule my own bookings. this way I can ensure that it’s me who built the report with the client directly. I feel that this is important as most of the time I’m travelling alone so for safety reasons it’s good to know myself personally who I am going to be working with. There is nothing like your own intuition.

I am not just a Model I am an all-round creative and parentrepeneur 😁 My creative skills include photography, designing of all kinds, dresses, headpieces, flowers, props, candles, furniture, sets, production, choreography, Videography, editing, writing, woodwork, dj, dancer, stunts, the list goes on. I am a super active person, i enjoy travelling and all kinds of sports activities. Such as, swimming, diving, Paddle boarding, kayaking, climbing, aerial skills, gymnastics, martial arts, BASE jumping, surfing, warrior training, there isn’t many activities I don’t like to be honest. This will will probably all make sense when I tell you I was diagnosed with ADHD. So I have the extra energy to burn ☺️ I was also only a couple of weeks ago diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation. An incurable problem with my brain.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

That’s not really my line of thinking I try to be thankful for who I am. However, if I could change something for sure I would reverse my diagnosis.

How did you start modelling?

I first started when I was young maybe 13. I was headhunted a few times but I was apprehensive about the whole industry and probably unsure of myself too. I lived alone from 14. So although I was still studying full-time I was working around the clock at restaurants, bars, banks, designing wedding rings, sales, insurance so many different jobs. I was no stranger to hard work. I became tired of working for other people when I knew what I had to offer. The way I saw it was I can help other people chase their dreams or I can chase my own. So for once in my life I made the decision to put myself first and asked my lovely boss to let me take sabbatical leave from work. (This was when I was designing wedding rings ) I went to India in the hope to set up an online fashion boutique to check out trade fayres and find Suppliers etc. While I was in India it’s not so easy to be selfish and I realise my passion was more on making a difference making a change and helping in general. While in India I worked on the habitat fragmentation, I working with tigers and elephants also passed many things that allowed me to see where and how I can help. This led me to organic cotton and the farming problems in India. So I suppose it all laid the foundations of my ethics and there was a reason why it wasn’t the right time for me to set up an online fashion boutique just because I could. While in India I was asked to be there an organic cotton company. Although reluctant to be known or defined as a model because of my skepticism and own narrow minded judgements I decided to give it a go, as one It’s in India so no fear of being known in my country find and two I don’t like things to hold me back even if it is my own mind set that also needs to be recognised. I had always had a passion for photography, dance, creativity but something had held me back prior. After doing the shoot it made me realise that I could not only do it but I could enjoy doing it. And if I’m so happy to work so hard for other people surely I will work even harder for myself So that I could start working my butt off for other people and finally took the plunge for myself and create my own path. For me this was very important as I had already worked very hard from a young age after being estranged from my family.

‘She who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. ‘

What do you think of the work as a model?

I love the creative aspect of modelling. I also love to travel. I am an adventurer at heart,I love to explore and learn. Modeling can have it downsides, and it’s certainly not as glamorous as everyone may assume. It wouldn’t getting into Modeling do you have a poor attitude I don’t think that you have to work hard you won’t go very far. It’s more strenuous then when I was a personal trainer. There’s much more to think about managing someone else’s business. Most mornings prior to having children I would have been on a flight by 5 am. Sometimes, having no seat on the trains. Doing my own hair and make up on a bus – three – play – taxi you name it! Battling flight and train delays, airport closures, terrorist attacks, cancellations, and en expected situations. Equally I’m happy to work hard and most talented creatives out there. Also taught me a lot about the world and myself no changed undeveloped so much over the years. People wonder how I became such a high profile model so quickly this is down to the amount of hours I put into it. I believe you get out what you put into life. No one else will get me to where I want to be. Wait for no one ☺️

What is your beauty regime?

Well technically my beauty regime is non-existent as I am a mum of two small children so my mornings tend to be occupied, and my evenings well I don’t really stop so finding time for myself comes last.

However, if I do find the time and stick to My ideal beauty regime, I would Wake up in the morning having had enough sleep which is never for me ☺️ Drink plenty of water with lemon. If there is one product I swear by to Keep my skin looking fresh it will be iS clinical. The whole range is fantastic I tend to use active serum alongside hydro-cool serum and spf 30 plus face cream. I also like the Clinique hydration spray. Anti wrinkle creams are fad. So I focus on protection and hydration. I really wanna make up unless I’m on a shoot are going to a special event. What really keeps me looking fresh and what I do stick to on a daily basis we’re possible… is sauna’s, swimming and cold showers. Like most people need a coffee feel normal in the morning I need a sauna and a swim and a steam and a nice cold shower. Yes every day in the ideal world I would do it more than once a day :-)

Are usually start with a cold shower to get my blood flowing, then I hit the sauna to do my stretching For about 30 minutes or less I can’t bear that long. Straight back to the cold shower. I then dive into the pool, I swim one length underwater all the way to the other end and then I swim back alternating my stroke on each length. I tend to do this in sprint mode.

(Yes I’m sure many people wonder What happened when I die then and then suddenly appear at the other end of the pool. I also found it quite amusing to leave the shower time using on cold As I know I will be using it again but it’s funny to see how many other people try the shower not realising it’s going to be cold and watching their reaction🤣)

After my first swim I hit the steam room to clear my airways and I do another dive and swim sprint, Then I start the whole process again. Pre children Are used to aim for 50 laps a day but my time is now restricted. But I also take my children swimming three times a week so that helps. When using the sauna I use my home-made organic sugar and salt scrub after the sauna before the shower to remove any old skin I follow with ice, and sometimes use a home-made hair mask while I’m in the sauna I use the sauna heat to help the mask set, and to help my muscles adapt for stretching. This is one of my only times alone so I use this time to focus on getting as much water into me and as much toxins out of me as possible. After the sauna I use an iSClinical hydration mask on my face. My very red sauna face gets soothed and hydrated.

Other than iSClinical I don’t regularly use any products I said to make them all myself using natural ingredients growing in my garden. I make essential oils and then make natural products so I can ensure there are no harmful chemicals in there. I started doing this since being a mother I’m being conscious about what times are my baby skin. I will be launching a product line soon. Also believe music is therapy and keeps me Youthful. I spend a lot of time barefoot, so Although I love to be in nature I do love a pedicure.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

This is a really hard one for me to answer. I Have always found it hard and strange to promote myself.

I’ve always known I’m different From others it seems I have this inbuilt depth, drive, focus and ambition, passion and determination, versatility flexibility and adaptability, Strength and perseverance to achieve regardless of my life circumstances. No drive to succeed doesn’t come from pleasing others but please myself the Child in me knew and believed I would be successful. The person who Dream so big and aspired to achieve so much and believed that anything is possible. Every Day I aim to prove her right. I suppose my optimism and zest for life Came from my dad. alongside my life experience as a whole, Is what defines me from the West. I believe you are not your thoughts or your emotions, they are something happened to you. You are your intentions as they come from your being, your character. So with that in mind I’ve always know my intentions are pure and true I know that alone is why I know I am different. It’s not just my drive I have extra resilience which allows me to keep going through even the hardest times. I have never wanted to be somebody else, Yes, Of course at times I’ve wished I wasn’t me, but really all I’ve ever wanted is to be the best version Of me I can be. To be all I was destined to be.

What Distinguishes me? My humour, my realness, my rawness, my origins, my path, my journey, my choices, my aura, my energy, my flaws and imperfections, my curiosity and zest for life, and Fernweh! *fernweh - a German word [a] a yearning for travel, an innate longing to be in far away places.

What are your plans for the future?

Well that’s a big question! In the near future I’m returning to international tours with my 2022 almost booked up and booking into 2023. I’m Also organising photography events and luxury photography holidays in some truly incredible locations all around the world. I’m making more time for art and creativity. I design and make many things including clothes candles and props so I will be exploring more of that and I see where it takes me. Plans in the pipeline to release a couple more books. And enjoying my family and getting better with my health. Always room to improve. 1% a day and all that. I have a few documentary type Things in the pipeline including free diving to harvest kelp and some super special but too soon to share any info. I’ve also got a Warrior masterclass coming up with the British action academy yeah in the longer term well I suppose you’ll have to interview me again. ☺️

What are some of your favourite experience so far?

Some of my favourite experiences.. this is tough to narrow down to a couple because I love all of my experiences, The good and the bad. they all make up who I am. To some, my life would be unbelievable. including some of my experiences. I enjoy being outside my comfort zone. It makes be feel alive! Alert! Awake! I love so many countries. Some super special Countries to me are: Iceland, Mexico, India, Jamaica, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, Monaco, Turkey, Spain, Crotia, Portugal.

Just a few of my favourite experiences include: Becoming a mother and becoming an auntie, BASE jumping from the tallest building in Berlin, Swimming with wild dolphins in Goa, Swimming with sharks, Horse riding in the Caribbean ocean, Kayaking through a lagoon filled with wild animals next to the famous James Bond beach, Reef diving / Cave diving all over, Bungee jumping over a croc swamp in, Snowmobile racing over the glazier from the Batman film, Crocodile hunting Florida and Quad biking racing - Dubrovnik/Egypt/ibiza/England, Speedboat races, Storm chasing - water spouts of Florida, Rescued by the royal thai navy during a Natural disaster , Falling asleep Watching the northern lights from my iglu, Flying to Monaco on a helicopter, I’ve cave hunting/crawling/climbing, Pulpi geode cave, Dune buggy races - Ibiza, Roller skating Dj party feom one set to another in Ibiza , Managed to make of the most exciting sports events around the world - basketball games, football, rugby, Paralympics, althletics, Interviewed some super inspirational people, Memories made with my family and friends, The time my daughter took over a bar in the middle of the ocean in Jamaica called Floyds, Music events around the world, Shooting in exotic locations, Cuba, Singapore, Bali all over…

They’re the first things that came to my head. If I go on more I’ll probably fill the magazine.

My favourite experiences looking back are being able to make a difference, being able to help, learn and see as much as I can. I’m passionate about habitat fragmentation, climate change, saving the seas, childrens rights and conscious living. Ultimately I’m living all of my favourite experiences now I’m a mummy.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Yes, certainly! I don’t like to hear people giving out -3rd or potentially dangerous advice. I don’t like hearing anyone being told they aren’t good enough or they would never be able to do something. The way I see it is anyone can be a model, any age, any size, any height, any ethnicity. It’s not about trying to look like someone else. It’s about working with what you have. Working with your uniqueness and being versatile.

I teach newbie models through one of my training programmes. Starting right from the very bottom and teaching everything it takes to become a full time model and manage your own bookings. How to get agency representation. How to build a portfolio. I can help new models with their confidence and feeling comfortable with their differences and understanding how to make them work for them. I work with people on a one to one level to get to know them individually and what they wish to achieve in the industry. Help them define what levels to shoot and allow them to try things in a female environment to understand what they are and are not ok with after all newbie models usually don’t know what they haven’t tried. Someone may think they only look good a certain way but once they see more creative makeup etc they like it. The benefit of defining yourself in a safe environment rather than on the job cuts out a lot of problems in the industry. Wether it being newbie models being taken advantage of, or regretting images that have been published. Or simply lack of confidence due to lack of experience. I teach model safety. Posing. Lighting training. How to make money from being a model. How to manage modelling and motherhood. I can give models as much or as little information as they like after years of experience. I want Photography workshops in the UK and internationally. Providing both professional and Newbie models and photographers training, networking opportunities, opportunity to build their portfolios and work with industry professionals, and build a safe network of creatives when entering such a daunting world.

If I could give one single piece of advice. It would Play to anyone serious about making something a successful career, whatever that may be, would be to see it as your full-time job already even before you have the skills all the bookings. Just because you don’t have Shoot booked in doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do. You get Out what do you put into life. I know it’s hard to know where to start but you can always be Doing something to learn more. And lastly go for it. Only you can stop you!

Follow your heart but take your head with you! Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right! Don’t be scared to say no! Finally be careful keep your wits about you. Don’t trust everything always do your background checks when letting a stranger. Always make sure someone knows where you are!

What do you think of the magazine?

I love The magazine. I have always found their content inspiring. I featured once before Maybe back around 2018 : 2019. It’s always full of talented and inspirational creatives from all over the world. I’mim I’m honoured to be asked to be a part of it again. I just wish there was a mail order subscription :-)

Facebook: deana - model page or deana hendry personal

Instagram @love.from.victoriah

Photo: Guenter Stoehr

Mua: Deana Hendry

Model: Victoriah

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Photo: Guenter Stoehr

Mua: Deana Hendry

Model: Victoriah

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Model victoriah

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Model victoriah

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Model victoriah

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Model victoriah

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Model: victoriah

Mua: Deana Hendry

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Mua: Deana Hendry

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