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Interview: Photographer Mircea Netea (Romania)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hi, I'm 37, I have a degree in computer engineering but I've always worked as a photographer. I love skiing and playing tennis, I don't drink, I don’t smoke (yes, I have a lot of lenses :)) ), I listen to rock, house and piano and I believe education is a solution for many problems.

How and when did you get into photography?

I've been using a photo camera since 1999 and I am a photoshop user since 1998 :) I began with artistic shots, then models, weddings and commercial photography. I have to admit, I was using photography to meet new girls, but after 1-2 years it became a profession.

What does photography mean to you?

I am a professional photographer, for me it's a way of life, and I find some time for personal shootings.

Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

My favorite kind of photography is the portraiture. And of course, beauty models. But natural beauty, not too much make-up. I like a simple and clean retouch, I like shadows, Rembrandt light and very soft light. I worked for a fitness magazine 8 years and I had the chance to study the human body, the shapes, the muscles; I'm always reading about beauty and artistic anatomy. So, first I think about the position and light, and then I focus on the feeling that the model transmits.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Anything can be inspiring. You just have to be open minded and pay attention to the details. Relax and watch movies, books, sports, models, artists, etc.

Do you think in advance what you want in the picture?

Usually the frames are established with the team, but I also let other people get creative (make-up, hair), especially the model.

Studio, on location or both?

I prefer a good light. Studio light on location :) Or just filtered sunlight.

Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

I’ve been getting paid since 2003.

What has been your most memorable session and why?

It was the beginner's luck, a photosession in 2004 with a playboy model, actually my first photosession with a experienced model, also my first shooting with a dslr camera, Canon 10D. The sun was reflected from a lake and a beautiful light covered her tanned skin, so I got some great shots.

Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

Definetly Canon. Eos3000 was the first canon camera. Planning to get the R6. I also like the variety of the canon lenses.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

Oh, I have a lot. I learned without youtube and made a lot of mistakes that I learned from:

- Make other types of photography; it's really difficult to survive with only one type.

- shoot some weddings and families, don't refuse them, anyway one day you will have to shoot for a friend :)

- Try to be a social person, maintain relation with many people. Sometimes you get a job because someone knows and trust you, not because of your work.

- Become friend with other photographers. And I mean real friends, not likes exchange :)

- Take care of your old clients and the people who recommend you. Make them offers, study their business, and adapt to their needs and to the market demands.

What do you think of our new magazine?

You have a great magazine, I appreciate your activity a lot, I think it’s really important for all the artists. From the last issue I enjoyed a lot Les FAVORITES By LAURENT VOISINET.

Thank you for the interview!

Model: Denisa – Mur Models Management

Make-up: Ioana Cristea

Model: Irina – Mur Models Management

Make-up: Cristian Buca

Model: Emma

Mur Models Management

Make-up: Cristian Buca

Hair: Ilina dumitru

Styling: Dragos Constantin

Model: Andreea – Mur Models Management

Make-up and concept: Cristian Buca

Retouch: Pelicular

Model: Razvan

Hair & concept: Vivi Giciu

Model: Petronela – Mur Models Management

Make-up: Letitia Iroga

Model: Raluca – Mur Models Management

Model: Laura Boghiu

Retouch: Pelicular

Model: Ramona Popescu

Designer: Iris Serban

Model: Maggie Edimoh

Concept : Nicu Bocancea– Floraria Iris

Make-up: Codrina Apostol

Retouch: Pelicular

Model: Carla Herescu – artist

Styling: Alexandra Caspruf

Hair&Make-up: Lucia Iacob

Retouch: George Mocanu

Model: Mihaela Bucata – One Models

Model: Nicoleta Luciu

Accesories: Exotique

Model: Bianca – Mur Models Management

Hair & concept: Ilina Dumitru

Make-up: Cristian Buca

Model: Anca Gheorghe – World Class

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