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Model Greta Florina (France), By Photographer Robert Hechinger

Model Greta Florina (France)

10 years of exploring the world of photography as a model, I saw myself evolve from young woman to woman. Like many people, I started to pose, to build a book, for the fun. Then, over and over again, the proposals for collaborations as models multiplied. I was feeling a real positive taste for the sessions. Against all expectations, I was showing a kind of assurance that in reality hid a great modesty. Photography as a model, allowed me to accept and observe myself differently. With a different look. The one of the photographer. All of a sudden, there’s magic, and for me that’s what’s beautiful. In addition to photography I have a second passion: I am a singer. A few years ago I joined «La Music Academy Internationale » in Nancy. I just released my first single coupled to a clip «Ecrire sa Vie» I’m currently working on my first EP (Extended Play). Photography for me is complementary to my music. It helps me to gain confidence and to put aside my inhibitions to better express myself through my songs.

Photographer Robert Hechinger (France)

Robert HECHINGER is a portrait photographer born on 27 January 1960. Based in Colmar 68000 in France, self-taught, animated by a real culture of the image, he opened his studio in 2017 «La Boîte à Images», where he offers photography courses for beginners and experienced amateurs mainly focused on portraits in natural light as well as in studio. Robert has had the opportunity to travel to many places, including Asia and the Middle East. He lived in these regions of the world for more than 12 years and thus discovered new cultures and traditions that he was able to integrate into his photographic projects. Through his experiences and encounters, he has acquired a particular sensitivity that allows him to propose unique portraits that tell fascinating stories. His photographic work has been recognized and exhibited many times including at the International Biennial of Images in Epinal where he presented to the public his series of images «Jeux de Lumière sur Xiapu» and «Les Premiers de Cordée» To continue developing his artistic skill of portrait photography, Robert recently joined «The Artist Academy» hosted by Yann Arthus Bertrand, Reza and Xavier Gary from Harcourt Studios.

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