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Model Olha Balandiukh a.k.a. OLVIA (Ukraine)

Can you tell us a little about you? My name’s Olha Balandiukh a.k.a. OLVIA. I’m the Ukrainian model, singer, musician, photographer, artist and interior designer. In love with Art/Music, Nature and Universe. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Nothing. Every day I’m working on improving myself, finding myself in Space. It’s a long-distance road but very fascinating journey, especially when I look back at the past and observe my development. How did you start modelling? I’ve never considered myself a model until my friends started telling «Hey, you should start the modelling school and become a proffesional model!». I didn’t take it seriously for the first time but then I thought it may worth trying, woudn’t be worse anyway. And here I am. What do you think of the work as a model? It’s very interesting work! Every photoshoot is a new challenge. Sometimes the Great One when you have to step out of your comfort zone and as conclusion you’ve reached the new version of Yourself: improved, experienced, free of some fears. But it’s not as easy as it may seem at first. Because a lot of people think there’s nothing to do with this modelling stuff but: «Never judge someone/something without knowing the whole story». What is your beauty regimen? Just never use any foundation for my skin except photoshoots if it’s needed and have a nice long sleep What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I can’t answer this one because every person is unique and beautiful in their way. What are your plans for the future? As a rule, I don’t share my future plans if they’re very important to me. Just when they’ve already achieved! What are some of your favorite experiences so far? Generally speaking, my favorite experiences/photoshoots are when I have to step out of my comfort zone and conquer my uncertainty. It’s a great challenge and such a nice opportunity to get to know my inner world better, my veiled fears or complexes. And during the work just erase them from my mindset. And, of course, I like extravaganza, crazy, venturesome photoshots. It’s always interesting and funny! Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling? Just believe in yourself, be confident and don’t pay attention if someone tells you that you aren’t worthy. You Are Worthy and Capable of Everything! What do you think of the magazine? It’s such a great platform and support for people living the fashion life. Very useful, interesting and entertaining!

Style @raitoofficial Ph. @roman_kirpa MUA

Ph. @@volodymyrnechyporenko MUA/Hair @_annsea_hair_

Ph, idea, style @oksana_terlyuk MUA @olga.zayarnaya

Ph. @yanitta_ph Fashion @olenadatsgallery

Ph. @olesya.dubyk

Ph. @yanitta_ph Fashion @olenadatsgallery

Ph. @_turko_ph Mua&hair @oksanaboyko_makeup Style @ozubchyk

Ph. @anna__winston


Photographer: @oleg_liadyk MUA: @nata_black_cat Hair: @nastia__tim Stylist: @yuliana_vdovych Clothes: @pinklvivua Event: @fashion_workshop_lviv General Managers: @olena.stetss, @shkvir.kateryna, @a_models_academy, @mavka_flowers

Sponsor: @p.s.visual Stylist: @tessapopil Ph: @masha_tochilkina Shoes: @hameleonshoes Accessories: @thefplay Mua: @disolo_beauty_studio

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