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Photographer Domenico Persichella (Italy)

Domenico Persichella was born in Canosa di Puglia on January 29, 1970 from Italian parents.

He lives in the north of Italy for almost 16 years when he then decides to join the navy as a volunteer, making a career by visiting half the world, and also facing the violence of war and its ugliness.

But soon his exuberance will lead him to give yet another radical change to his life.

He continues to travel and learn about new cultures and has always had his reflex with him, which as the most trusted companion follows him everywhere.

Savor new environments by capturing their stimuli to learn new figurative techniques. At first as a self-taught artist he engages in revolutionary portraits by changing light into shadow and then attending more and more specific courses he refines his technique giving it his unmistakable imprint.

The technique of using artificial light through modifiers

It particularly fascinates him and therefore invests in materials to set up his studio. Following the segment, Canon invests in camera bodies and newer for torches and does not spare courses to improve.

Always very critical of himself but sure of his abilities, he often gets involved, sometimes even breaking the canonical rules of photography.

Domenico is an artist capable of reaching people's hearts but their souls.

He leaves nothing out, the meticulous post-production with attention to detail makes his shot even more captivating and therefore the soul of the subject emerges and reveals itself to the visitor's eyes.

Various issues dealt with such as violence against women or safeguarding the planet mean that her path is not just fashion or glamor.

It also opens a new chapter on "fine art" which stimulates him a lot because it brings into play his different artistic qualities as a builder of the choreographer image and colors.

His camera becomes a woman and gives birth to his shots, the ones that aren't there yet but he sees them materialize in his mind even before clicking.

Thus he consecrated himself in a firmament of artists such as "The Photographer of Souls".

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