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Interview: Model Prapassara Chingsana (Thailand)

Can u tell us little bit about u?

My name is Prapassara Chingsana, my friends call me Milk. I come from Chonburi. I enjoy spending time with friends socializing swimming music and other activities. I love cooking but I can only cook Thai food. I really enjoy shooting and posing for various concepts as it's always fun and I get to meet many nice and creative people and of course the pictures are always original and wonderful. My dream is to become supermodel but not because of materialistic side but more when I'm on the set I really enjoy my work making a photo people can relate to and appreciate,there's so much fun, laughter and love. And hopefully many viewers can enjoy results long after!

If u could change anything about urself, what would it be?

I don't think that i want to change anything about me , I only want to continue to be happy like the way i am and keep experiencing life.

How did you start modeling?

I know some friends that are photographers as well so we tried some pictures and I really enjoyed it also the photos looked good so we tried more and more and I gained more followers and experience and more photographers contacted me for work.

What do u think of the work as a model?

I think its a hard Job you have to fight not with any model but with yourself, u have to work hard for cool Pictures but if u enjoy and love what u do really it's easy because your doing something you love and it is rewarding.

What is ur beauty regimen?

I don't really work out I try and eat clean when I can I don't really work out I'm lucky I'm naturally slim

What ur plans for ur future?

I want to be model as long as I can and also have eventually have my own small company and obviously be my own boss

What are ur personal qualities which distinguish from other?

I work hard to do what I love I'm a good listener I care about other people I like to laugh and see the best in people I'm ambitious and hardworking

What are some of your favorite experience so far ?

I have enjoyed all experiences in modeling so far because all concepts are different work , but I really love body paint for me this is so fantastic and creative

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

First you have to love what you do , follow ur dream , never give up be easy going to work with and polite

What u think of the magazine?

I think this magazine is so amazing an inspiration for many people who want to be a involved in modeling to be confident and fight for themselves also for me to learn many things from other models and know many fantastic models and gain life and career opportunities


Photography Tonfoto

Photography Tonfoto

Photography Tonfoto

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Nick Burrett

Nick Burrett

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Jean-Charles Lefevre

Jean-Charles Lefevre

Jean-Charles Lefevre

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