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Editorial issue 12 IS OUT

Read the issue here


04 Cover Girl: Oriane Lorrain 20 Westminster By: Mateusz S. 26 Dress pcube By: Ale Alberti 34 Style By: Greg Desiatov 48 Timeless By: Lorant Gulyas 56 Haunting By: Kirill Buryak 68 Fleeting soul By: Anna Konieczna 78 Marilena Titze By: Ralf Michalak 90 Black & White By: Franziska Korries 104 City Girl By: Maria Panina 118 Sany Fedorenko By: Antoine Verglas 126 Fashion By: Christin Helmund 144 Dresses By: Lara Loca Couture 156 Volha Shumkevich By: Ale Alberti 168 Tatiana By: Ale Alberti 184 Mascheroni E. By: Beppe Bisceglia 196 GIN By: Studio 204 Daphné By: Jessica Van Verdegem 214 Krystina By: Joerg Dumkow 224 Susann By: Joerg Dumkow 232 Violaceous Vibe By: David Fillion 244 Harbour Studio

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