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Editorial issue13 IS OUT


04 Skate By: Anahí Clemens 10 Effy going wild By: Shades of Beauty 20 Jessika Dias By: Kurt Van de Velde 32 WHY NOT ! By: Latil Pascal 40 PURPLE By: Laurie Cesari 48 Alina Volkova By: Anna Grodskaya 54 Summer story for brand Sasha 70 AW17 By: Sofia Frändeby 92 NOIR By: Miguel Barbosa 114 URBAN CLIMB By: Miguel Barbosa 128 Jeremi & Julia By: Michal Dabrowski 140 Daria Małobłocka By: Ania Kosik 150 Sandy By: Luca Defant 160 Street By: Antonella Cunsolo 168 Landscapes By: Antonella Cunsolo 178 Charlotte By: Charel Borgmans 186 Elena By: Beppe Bisceglia 204 Ganna By: Joerg Dumkow 212 Krystina By: Joerg Dumkow 222 Josy By: Joerg Dumkow 232 Lapis Lazuli By Joerg Dumkow

Read the issue here

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