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Bio: Model Katherine Aroca (Venezuela)

Katherine Aroca a model from the province of Aragua, is undoubtedly a woman with projection and goals, currently residing in Mexico, where many doors have been opened at a professional level. She is a beautiful 27 year old woman with attractive attributes; her beautiful face, honey eyes, golden skin and extraordinary figure make her part of the group of models of the most successful models in Colombia. Besides being a model, she is a fashion designer, graduated from the Arturo Tejada Cano School. Katherine since childhood was involved with the catwalks in the parades organized by her mother, also a designer, through the children's brand 'Tomaticos'. Since then she discovered those creative and artistic skills that would lead her to form her professional path as a model and entrepreneur. In her career as a model, not only has she participated in advertising campaigns for jeans, underwear, and motorcycles such as Harley Davidson, Katherine Aroca develops with great ease and talent in editorial and television projects. In the 'small screen' he had the opportunity to participate in productions such as 'Rosario Tijeras', 'El Clon', 'La Dama de Troya' and 'Showmatch' in Argentina.

Photographs: Jhonny Lopera

Agencia LMC Models

WhatsApp : +57 3232521365

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