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Interview: Model Vlada Kuzmenko (Ukraine)

Can you tell us a little about you? My name is Vladyslava Kuzmenko, but my friends calls me Vlada. I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ve been modeling during last 5 years. During my modeling I’ve been visited China, Mexico, France and some other beautiful countries. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? Oh, It is quite a question… At this moment i am working on procrastination. I believe that this part of character might stand between you and your dreams. How did you start modeling? Well it starts pretty simple: once upon a time, one girl realized that she has not enough photos :) One of my friend, just started doing photos as a hobby. The pictures of me that she made was so cool!!! At that time i had not even a clue that the hobby of two friends might turn into a professional career for me. Some of my social media friends, who saw my picture on-line commented it like: “are you a model?” or “you should definitely start modeling”, but I didn’t take it seriously. At some point I’ve decided to post some of my photos on internet resource, and just give it a chance. You can not even imagine how surprised I was when managers from agencies start calling me, and offers to sight up a contract to work aboard the country. Everything starts running so fast afterwords. But one of the toughest decision of that time, for me, was to finish my studying. My case is very unusual: I’ve started modeling very late, according to requirement of profession, it was after my university - I was 21.

What do you think of the work as a model? Working as a model is same difficulty as any other profession. It is aprocess which continue 24/7 -because you have to “build” yourself. And I’m talking not just about how do you looks like, but I’m also talking about your personality. It is very interesting work for creative and hard working people. It is sometimes “hard on you” and coses you a lot of stress, but the joy and satisfaction frome achieved goals is totally worth it. You have to be very flexible, for example, today you are the princes in the beautiful dress, and tomorrow you have to turn into a wolf from the wild forest and the next day you are a beggar, because stylist needs exactly that image. It is not your call to pick a character, you have to be a professional no matter what is your opinion, mood, problems are at that moment. It is what define you as professional. You have no right to weakness or drama. Each and every girl dreams to become a “Cover Girl” one day - but they should remember what is standing behind it. Being a model is a hard work, sometimes it might be strange, weird, but always interesting. What is your beauty regimen? Everyone knows the simple old rules: “life schedule, good food, good mood, good time” - is a key to a happy life :) I am applying this rule to my life as well: proper nutrition, good night rest, some sports (preferably on a fresh air) and a spiritual growth. Of course it is not always possible to follow my schedule - but i am trying keep myself on track. What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I don't think that I have any special qualities that differ from others. I just know how to combine the necessary qualities at the right time. I think it is to fill the customers ideas and totality my look with charisma, and show exactly the same image as customer created in his/her had.

What are your plans for the future? Conquer the world!!! :) Honestly I prefer to share my achievements but not my plans because what I did will told you much more about me than just a words about stuff that i might do. So call me in 6-8 month and I will love to share with what is going on.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I was always impressed by beauty of nature and masterpieces of architecture. I couldn't fall in love in it when I’ve visited Paris. I felt so Lucky that I had a chance to work there. Mexico City impressed me with its nature. I like to find new friends, people with the same state of mind as i am, having some fun stories to talked about. One of the my favorites experience was having a photoshoots with my friends on the ocean shore. There was a seals which taking a sunbath not far from us (yes it was in a warm climate) and dolphins was followed our boat. We had so much fun at that day. I love when it happens such easy working day: when you inspired by every single moment of the process. And another story is also from Maxico. I had to work in the show of Stella McCartney- which is one of mine favorite designers!!! It is such an honor when you are able to work with someone who was your inspiration during long period of time. It is such a great filling that gives you more power to work on your dreams. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

I have many of them, I so do :) The first one is NEVER compare yourself to others!!! You are an individual and you have a power to turn your flaws into virtues. Do you have a goal? Go for it! If you can’t go - crawl. But do something - don’t stay aside. Never give up. Work on your lows and weaknesses. Bad defile - start your morning with a high heels. Do not know how to “pose” - you have to open magazines with a top models and just copy them, until you’ll get how to do it, until you’ll make it just natural part of yourself. You have to make customers fight for you. Alwayse with a positive thinking, always with a smile on your face. You have to know when and what should you say to convince pic you out of all the rest models. Because our work is about creating an image which consist of your outlook and personality. Use your life experience during your work. Try to use your own emotions during your work. It will

helps you to become more natural on pictures. You have your inner light - use it. Let it shine true your eyes and attract people to you. Make them feel “butterflies” when they look at you and your work. What do you think of the magazine? I like to read an articles about my colleagues from the other countries, and also share my personal experience. I think that we should stay on touch - know about little “tricks’” which your colleagues are

able to share. Share your own once. It is so nice that your magazine can be a link with another part of the world. You can find here a different points of view for an interesting topics. We can do so much more when you have a support. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken: models with experience, new faces, magazine team - we are doing the same thing. We are part of huge industry who create nowadays Fashion stream.

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