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Interview: Photographer Laura Caglioni (Italy)

Can you talk a bit about yourself? My name is Laura and my friends call me “La Click” and I come from the province of Bergamo, a city near Milan, I work as a clerk in a textile company and my hobby, even if reductive, is photo-graphy.

How and when did you get into photography?! ! I started seriously in 2014, through friendships I discovered some photography courses and out of curiosity I participated in the basic course. I wanted to do something for myself, and only during the course, thanks to the enthusiasm that was transmitted to me, I decided to take a SLR and put the compact in the drawer. I did not believe that at that moment I would have found my way to express myself. It was love at first sight, I have always loved "shots memories" but until then I had not "loved photography”.

What does photography mean to you? ! For me it is a medicine. I felt the need to do something for myself, I had just become a mother, and I felt the need to express myself. This gave me photography, a language to express myself.

Describe briefly your photographic style for our readers. Dreamlike and melancholic. I spontaneously represent a woman a little melancholy, it is the feeling of passage to get to happiness. I represent the fragility of the female soul, in every woman there is an incredible strength that however comes, in my opinion, after having touched more sensitive strings. I try to stop the moment of passage. I think it's part of me having moody and emotionally unbalanced moods so I represent that moment, I represent those thoughts that pass in the head in the darkest moment. And I hope to do it.

Where do you get inspiration from? I just deepened the concept of Watching and Seeing, and then I will answer I See a lot, I go to both photographic and painting exhibitions. Purchase many books about famous painters and photographers. Now, for example, I admire Frida Kahlo in her dramatic expressiveness in the paintings. Since there was an exhibition here in Milan I wanted to go a little prepared. I believe that the forcing of being nailed in bed has given vent to his art making it unique because it is given by a forcing that I understand well.

Think ahead of time what do you want in the picture?! ! I think in advance of the colors, background and outfit but surely I let myself drag from the set. I love the emotional involvement between me and the subject. I start from an idea and undoubtedly take inspiration and notes, but the set is the heart of my shots, if there is an exchange of ideas during the set or the subject gives me unprepared poses I usually fall in love with the shot because maybe manages to interpret the emotional state that I transmit and manages to implement it with its movements. The subject should never be underestimated despite being a means. For a good job, we both need to understand how it is best to interpret the pre-established topic.

Study, on site or both? Some works have been done in the studio other in the house and some in the exterior. Given the fact that I prefer natural light I do not have major problems to shoot in one place or another.

Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional? I consider myself a fan of photography. I do it primarily for myself so this satisfies me completely. I do not know what the future holds for me.

What was your most memorable session and why? Undoubtedly the first, when I discovered what I really could do. I started by taking a friend, who has now become my muse. I understood that when I take off from the outside world I forget the time that passes and I absorb completely from the set. When I saw the shots at the pc I got excited and I started working only on a style, the portrait and the detail cutout. And the last one that gave me the satisfaction of achieving what I had set in a short time after the various passing exercises that gave me the other sets, I definitely have more awareness.

Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens? I went from Nikon to Fujifilm Mirroless and now uses only this one with 35 mm lens.

What is the only advice you would like to offer a new photographer who wants to start his own business? First of all, do it for yourself. I am of the opinion that if you have nothing to transmit, the photo will not transmit. So to see what you need to shoot and what he wants to communicate from there is all downhill, otherwise it remains a simple exercise of photographic technique. In my personal opinion there are already too many technically perfect photos around we need emotions.

What do you think of our new magazine? I like it a lot, give many possibilities and you are possibilities and you are rich in ideas. I love seeing different photographersgathered in a rich magazine like yours.

Model Linda Colleoni - Make up artist Selene Cudia

Model Marta Cielecka Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Valentina Locatelli

Model Denise Ferri

Model Nicole Volpe - Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Marta Foiadelli Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Denise Ferri Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Marta Foiadelli Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Denise Ferri Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Marta Foiadelli Make up artist Chiara Cividini

Model Denise Ferri

Model Denise Ferri Make up artist Chiara Cividini

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