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Interview: Cover Girl Model Irena Maslanka (Winner of the Month) (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you? My name is Irena, I was born in small town in Poland nearby Krakow. I raised here surrounded with love of my parents and siblings. They made my childhood magical and thought me how to find happiness in a simple things. They are my everything and I can’t imagine my life without them. I have two younger sisters and one older brother. They are my best friends. I studied Economy and Hotel Management. This year I got my bachelor in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management. I’m passionate about everything what is connected with hotels, resorts, events organisations, concierge services and personal lifestyle management. In the future I’m planning to work in the Hospitality Industry. How did you start modeling? My adventure with modelling started when I finished my technical school. It seems like I started a bit late, but in my case it was a perfect timing. I meet many girls when I travel, some of them are older some of them much younger, I could even say.. too young. For instance 13 years old girl in my opinion shouldn’t be sent to foreign country alone for few months period. I found them lost, naive, frustrated, subjected for the control of others who want to use them gullibility. It’s really sad. However, I started thinking about modelling more seriously because of my friends thoughts and ideas. They made me go for the casting to TV show called Polish Next Top Model and I made it and came into the program. I saw how the big production like this one is working in the backstage and so on, so after I decided to find professional modelling agent. I signed the agreement with one of the best agencies in Poland and immediately after one month I got the contract to Milan. First I felt a bit insecure flying to foreign country, the City of Fashion as I didn’t know anything about the fashion world, but once I got there I truly felt in love with my work. What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I have strong personality. I am honest, determined, ambitious and independent. I have a good heart as the people tend to say; it might sound strange but many times I have heard that I’m too vulnerable and warm-hearted (even to those who made me suffer) too kind and too trustful to people. I know in that industry sometimes situations require to be harsh but I just love all people. I see the good in each of them. I am making friends easily, I love to talk to people and be surrounded by people, I am open person and really social. Sometimes too stubborn and impatient but I’m working on it ;) I love traveling and discovering new places, learning about new cultures, hearing about traditions and history of the places I’m traveling to. I am curious about the world, about everything what is around me. I love to learn, to gain as much knowledge as my mind can consume, I love to try new things, new tastes, new experiences. Collecting unforgettable memories is one of my hobby. Passive live, boredom and routine are the things which could kill me. I love action, when many things is happening in one time, in the way that I have no time even to think what the boredom is.

What do you think of the work as a model? Modelling gives many opportunities to travel. It’s one of the reason I am working as a model. I have been to many countries around the world. It’s hard to choose one favourite. Each of them is exceptional. I treat Milan like my second home, I spent amazing time in Shanghai, felt in love with Bangkok, had amazing shooting jobs in Jakarta, enjoyed beauty of Madrid, admire culture of Istanbul, was wearing dresses of my favourite designers in Paris, I met talented make up artists in Beirut and was having great time during Fashion Week in Dubai. Each country has its own unique magic ❤ I always find only good things around me in each of place I travel I am really passionate about my work. I am serious and professional. I enjoy commercial shootings, editorials, look-books, tv commercials etc. but the runaway I love the most! You will find a lot of good sides of modelling but there is also a dark side full of stereotypes, arrogant and superficial people who will judge you just through the prism of your look. It’s a lot of stress, unpredictable situations, lots of waiting, either for the castings, callbacks or another reply from the client.. the work is not stable, you never know if you will work everyday or you will have no job for couple of weeks. It’s not easy job at all as the majority of population might think it is. There is a lot of competition around. For the girls is more difficult then for boys as they finish them career having around 25-27 years old while men could work even till them 60’. If you think about modelling seriously you have to take care about your diet and body. You have to always stay in a perfect shape with good measurements. It requires sacrifices, commitment and focused mind. The pressure from the sides of agencies, requirements and beauty cannons could cause depression, even sickness like bulimia or anorexia. Girls need to have really strong psyche. What is your beauty regimen? I love active life so it helps me a lot. I’m eating healthy, I’m working out almost every day. Twice a week I run for one hour making 10 km distance, the other days I make exercises for each part of my body to make it stronger, toned and lean. Recently I felt in love with ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. It helps with strengthening and stretching the body as well as with clearing the mind and staying focused. The modelling taught me how to become more responsible, how to find myself well in every situation, how to deal with every unpredictable circumstances, how to become more open to people, also my sense of direction had improved. I became more independent and confident. I am setting my goals and I’m running toward my dreams. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? My advice to the girls who want to work as a model is just to do your best, enjoy it and remember that each of us is different and each of us is beautiful in the unique way. There is many countries and markets which needs different kind of beauty, you will fit your best one, be patient and take care. And remember that modelling don’t last forever. Prepare yourself to have a plan B, education is really important, study and get your degree. Live with passion and take care.

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