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Editorial: Guess Again, By:Anthon Smith

Emboldened, intimate, solitary moments: captured metaphors - like remembering a dream. Anthon’s photographs depict authenticity in natural landscapes and abandoned spaces, repurposed and reclaimed like the identities we choose and reshape from broken constructs. With “Guess Again,” Anthon captures model Anjelika Frye moving from dramatic to assertive, languid to sincere, all throughout one series.

“Creating is like falling in love,” Anthon explains. “Being completely immersed, and being influenced and changed in the process. Capturing that, one simple emotion or moment, keeps me making new photos.”

Anthon’s photography reflects a place of open-ended intimacy – with natural and urban landscapes, with each other, and with ourselves – all suspended uniquely in time. An expression of a moment; often of a connection to a person or a place or an experience. The personalities, uniqueness and individuality propel the work forward, bringing a sense of spontaneity and honesty. “Intimacy and beauty, and power in the context of connection drive me to create,” Anthon explains. “There’s an emotional palette that comes with intimacy. My muses fuel so much of my passion. Vulnerability is a big part of it.”

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