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Bio: Photographer Fabio Ber (Italy)

I was born in Rimini (Italy) in 1965.

My career as a photographer started in 1989 as I needed to provide documentary evidence for the mountain journeys in India and Nepal he made for job.

The arrival of the digital photography made me interested in Reenacting first of all and then in portrait.

Later on, in the beginning of this year, I made a fervid artistic partnership with my wife and professional model, also photographer Natasha Guarnieri.

My actual photography style is tryng to obtain a “painterly effect”, especially when I shoot in studio.

I use Canon Eos R camera, with several portrait canon lens.

Model Emili Jo

Model and style Natasha Guarnieri

Model and atyle Natasha Guarnieri

Model Martina Aurelia de Nisi

Model Natasha Guarnieri, style Irena Horvat

"Bisanzio" Model Lorenzo Valle

Model Juliet Tudor

Model Gianluca Nothern Cirioni

Model Natasha Guarnieri, style Irena Horvat

Model Isabella Novati

Model Arianna Amoruso

My version of "The death of Albine" By John Collier Model Arianna Vilya Drago, style Elisa Navacchi

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