Interview: Model Sia Dorable (Belgium)

2 Dec 2019

Can you tell a little about you?
My name is Sia, I m 22 yo, I am working as a saleswoman. I studied industrial model making, I create harness and little purse bags on my free time. I really am into fashion, especially lingerie, actually buying a nice piece of lace/set of underwear is my cute sin. I also love photography, being in front or behind the camera.

If you could change anything about you, what will it be?
Beside work, I am really shy. It really bothering me but I’m working on it.

What do you think about work as a model?
It’s really good to meet new people, build a project together and see it become true. I can’t wait to get new experiences!

How did you start modelling?
I did a photoshoot for the final year’s project of a fashion student, I had zero confidence at the time, I wasn’t good on the pics so I wanted to try again to see how it could work if I do it for myself without any pressure.

What is your personal beauty hack?
ALWAYS remove your make up, wash and moisturise your face before going to sleep. No matter how late it is or how tired you are. I use micellaire water, a coconut serum and night cream.

What are your personal quality which distinguish you from others?
I am creative and passionate about what I do and love. I happily take critics to improve myself but I’ll never let them stop me to be who I am.

What are some of your best experiences so far?
Discovering new places/countries is the best experiences of all.

What are you futur plans?
My goal is creating my own brand inspired by my favorite designers and working as a model for lingerie/fashion designers as well

What do you think about the modellen magazine?
Really great and interesting content, I love the fact that it shows photographers and models with different style.


Instagram: sia__dorable


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 Photography Fotony

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 Martins Serrat photography

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 John Bowno



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