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Bio: Photographer Davide Pappalettera (Italy)

For a long time passionate about photography and lover of instant shots, I undertake a career as a professional with the life experiences that I have tried to collect and that I will tell you in this short biography.

From 1999 to today I have explored nations in complete autonomy, with the “Adventure” formula, therefore with tented camps in the desert, absolutely not touristy. I mention some of the nations that I loved to tell with my photographic shots. Libya - Algeria - Tunisia - Kenya - Tanzania - Morocco - Western Sahara - Mauritania- Oman - United States. Armed with a backpack and a camera, I approached the peoples of Asia by traveling with my soul and engaging in unforgettable images and moments of countries such as India - Pakistan - Vietnam

All this gave me the opportunity to explore and experiment with multiple photographic genres: reportage, portraits in the studio, creating services aimed at editing composites in the field of fashion and publishing, corporate photos, infrared techniques.

In 2006 my first images were exhibited giving life to a project called "Photographing the invisible": a research on the technique of infrared photography, conducted with a digital SLR which I make particular changes. In 2007, during the exhibition of the painter Giampaolo Muliari at the Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta in Lainate, I presented "The soul of children", a reportage on Indian and Pakistani soil in which I capture looks and gestures of particular expressive intensity. In 2008, thanks to the commission received from a company in northern Italy, I experimented with artistic-industrial photography, creating, in collaboration with the members of Circolo87, an articulated series of shots that are exhibited within the association and the company itself.

In the same year I combine and pack three works from the infrared photographic itinerary in a solo exhibition set up in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Solbiate Olona. "Photographing the invisible", "Gothic" (on the Gargoyles of the Milan Cathedral and Notre-Dame Cathedral) and "Monumental" (centered on the homonymous Milanese cemetery). In 2009 I set up the exhibition "Let's take a cut". Shots dedicated to the world of wild animals, great protagonists of the savannah.

In August 2009, the Sisters of Ivrea and the Macalder mission burst into my life. I accompany them on an unforgettable journey, five weeks of stay in Kenya that allow me to make my first reportage on the mission.

In November 2011 I present the “Macalder” exhibition in a solo show in the Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta in Lainate. I gather support and driven by an incredible desire to transfer my experience and what my eyes have seen and photographed, I decide to publish a book entitled "Macalder", thus collecting photos and descriptions of the African Mission. Since 2013 I have been organizing basic, advanced, Photoshop and master photography courses for workshops, for individuals and companies. An opportunity to convey my passion.

To arrive today, to realize my project with the foundation of the KDS Foto Studio reality in Lainate (MI)

For years I have told and documented the human condition of how the poorest populations live, trying to capture people's spontaneity and intimacy. In each of my experiences, in each of my journeys, I have tried to exalt feelings that I want to convey to those who look at my photograph and today with KDS I have finally achieved a goal…. To stay on topic!

Model: Elisa Corbella

Mua: Salonetrendywelness

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