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Diversity Model Agency "IN DIVERSITY WE STAND STRONG" (Netherlands)

Bijgewerkt op: 1 okt. 2020

How boring would the world be without diversity and inclusion?

That is exactly what Sensemielja thought when she was modeling herself. They decided that it is time to make a change.

Diversity Model Agency was officially founded in 2018 by Sensemielja and her 2 partners, Daisy & Marcel. When they saw that there was a lot of desire for such platform (agency), they planned a castingwhich turned out very successfully. From this moment on they started to grow more and more. DMA offers various workshops and catwalk classes to support models in their carreer.

Within the agency you can find various models from all different shades,shapes and models with a disability.

Besides Diversity Model Agency also their foundation was born in 2018 called Diversity Fashion Week.

The foundation creates a platform for (young) talents, designers and models who are not your typical models.

They find it important that everybody feels represented especially in the media and in our current fashion world. It is no lie that there is a lack of diversity and unity in this business and there are so many talented people out there that deserve a platform to be known, seen and recognized.

Annually the foundation organizes various events with the main focus to show all kinds of diversity with specialized themes. Their inspiration comes from various Disney movies as Daisy and Sensemielja are huge fan of Disney. Last year they have held a 3 day event in various locations and the big show was held in Arendshoeve the garden of Amsterdam. The theme was Fairy Tale warriors and all guests had to come in Bal Masque style. This was a beautiful location filled with flowers. More about that and the show can be found on

Due to COVID-19 they decided to hold a online fashion stream on 1 November 2020 instead of the actual show due to a lot of restrictions and uncertainty. The link will be available on Youtube, Facebook and other social media channels. International designers and models will still get the chance to showcase their work despit the current pandemic we in. They want to give back to all their peers/stakeholders and the society to still showcase and organize a event as most events are cancelled this year.

This edition will be inspired by the movie Alice through the looking glass and is a sneak peek for the Winter Wonder Land big edition next year November 2021.

20 models and 10+ designers from all over the world will grace the catwalk with some special effects, various speakers will have a spoken word and other parties involved will be given the platform they deserve.

Link to the events can be found here : fashion-week-online-runwayshow-2020

Various articles can be found here :


DFW/DMA quotes: Our mission is to show the world that beauty is not

Concept by Team : DiversityFashionweek

CFO / Manager / Secretary : Daisy Minaj

Models From : Diversitymodelagency-dma

Video Crew : People Minded Media

Make- up Team : Looksby_SNG , Portfolio Randjena Makeup Artist , Aaron DeLuca

Hair looks and wig styling and application: Chrissy Wig Collection

Stylisten : FashionableStylist SS & Talaa Ghzawi

DMA Model Brinel Dacosta /Photography: Ellen van Doorn Photography

DMA Model Brinel Dacosta /Photography: Ellen van Doorn Photography

DMA Model Ximena van Keulen / Photography: Ellen van Doorn Photography

DMA Model Mei Mastenbroek / Photography: Sarali

DMA Models Padminie Gajadhar & Brinel Dacosta / Photography: