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Editorial: BIT by Montse Morella

BIT: Small unit of information, the smallest for the largest and the first collection with artificial intelligence created on our continent.

BIT transports us to the 50s and 60s when in some of those classic black and white films, women were portrayed as victims or fearful characters. In BIT, the tables are turned, and power is given to them through the strength of the close-up and the empowerment that comes from the gaze. Direct and confident.

Gone are all those years when society made women feel small. They dominate the world through power and love.

That's why the total look shown by the MATRESS is striking, from the attitude to the exquisite hairstyles. Hair perfectly styled, evoking the classic hairstyling of a lifetime. Curls, rings, nets, crimps, remember the pleats and the hairspray.

Each style takes us through more than five hours of perfectly polished work, expressing the love and respect that Montse Morella has for hairstyling. This is real hairstyling.

The wardrobe has been selected from the best designers in the world so that each style can be examined and studied. This demonstrates that the work of the hairdresser adapts and raises the level of haute couture. In this case, inspired by the Medical (sexual practice) of the 90s.

David Arnal and Montse Morella present to you the first collection created with artificial intelligence because they are a team that likes to play, create, and not leave anyone indifferent.


Art Director: Montse Morella @momotra

Image: David Arnal. @davidarnalteam

Communication. Oscar Martínez. @oscarmr76

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