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Interview: Cover Girl Sandra Ajtner (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hello, my name is Sandra Ajtner, I am 18 years old and i am a model. Im fascinated with fashion. From when i was very little i grew up being in front of my mom’s camera. I love learning languages and accepting challenges.


If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Nothing, I am unique being myself with my pros and cons.


How did you start modelling?

I started modelling by growing up in front of the camera lens and got very comfortable with being the model for my mother. Which after much practice and hard work, strove for the place where both, I and my mother are. I participated in exhibitions  and here from started my journey with modelling.


What do you think of the work as a model?

I think it’s so cool as a model to work with professionalists and getting to experience all kinds of different projects and fulfill them. I love to act out the concept of the photoshoot, the runways, the fashion, the artwork and ofcourse I love to see the end results after a photo shoot, it excites me. I just love it, it’s my passion and I would love to embrace it.


What is your beauty regimen?

The healing from inside out, then you’ll shine on the outside. Healthy diet, exercise. Do the things that make you feel happy and motivated.


What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

It seems to me that one of my advantages is experience in front of the camera from such a young age, I feel the light perfectly, how it falls on my face and I adapt my pose under it, I am sensitive. And in my appearance I think my toothgap and my eyes.


What are your plans for the future?

My main goal is to develop in the modelling world. Walking for fashion designers and traveling the world while doing the things that I love.


What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

My favourite experiences… Pictures hanging with my face in France, Japan, USA. Having the opportunity to work with professionals. I also participated in Polska Miss and became Miss Teen Novaclear 2023


You also sing, can you tell us something briefly about that?

Yes, I do sing. I also started my singing passion from when I was young. I recorded myself and trained by singing karaoke on YouTube - and lately I’ve dropped an album with few cover songs. I am planning to make my own music.


Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Be yourself. Take Polaroids, apply to model agencies and don’t give up.



Ph: Anna Ajtner

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