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Interview: Model Laima Januševičiūtė (Lithuania – Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Healthy living, self healing, holistic medicine: these are my passions. Even though I have a degree in a culture management, I found a strong connection with nutritionist studies right after so followed my path, discovering yoga, pilates, aromatherapy, and many other branches... Everything from books to seminars, it became a huge part of my life. I love helping and consulting my family and friends, I love inspiring people about these endless ways to keep healthy lifestyle and balance in your life. Of course despite all of that I love traveling, there is so much place in my heart for arts and culture. For instance I love discovering italy and learning everything about it - from local foods to the national language.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

All my imperfections are my strength and blessing to be different, to stand out. Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their body, I am not against that, but personally , I am honoring natural beauty care habits rather than visiting plastic surgeon every month or so. Speaking about my character though... there is definitely a thing that I would change without having second thoughts. It’s my spontaneity. I know, some people wish to be more spontaneous but for me it is causing a bunch of problems. For instance , sometimes an idea crosses my mind and I feel a desperate need to accomplish it without even thinking of the consequences so I react to my needs spontaneously and then I realize: it is too late to change anything... So I bump into an unpleasant outcome thinking if only I could have done it differently, if only I would have think of it better instead of reacting spontaneously...

How did you start modelling?

Since I was a little girl, healthy lifestyle was a big part of my life. I used to read Vogue magazine and eat my salad, but I would never ever think that some day I can be in a magazine too. Everything started when I went to a casting in a hometown. A booker noticed me and offered me to do some polaroids. I couldn’t book many jobs in my country so they sent me to Milan. I fell in love with this city immediately. I decided to always come back between my studies and try my chances. The past two years I was the most successful here. The reason is, I assume, the massive change of my look. I transitioned from dark brunette to ash blond. Who doesn’t like blue eyes and blond hair?

What do you think of the work as a model?

I know every little girl dreams about becoming a model. But would they ever imagine what it is like to be one? What you see is only the tip of the mountain. Everything starts from your personal habits, the hard work and effort you put in, the endless hours of waiting, delusions, tears, the pain of your toes, the hunger... when you finally succeed and get a job it is exhausting and you never get paid enough to be fully satisfied. But from the other side... the feeling is amazing. The results are astonishing and seeing yourself in that role is just awesome. Every accomplishment is small step further. Maybe it is not my career but it is definitely my hobby.

What is your beauty regimen?

Everything about my beauty regime is strict and simple. Beauty equals healthy. I start from a healthy eating habit: 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, low calorie, high protein, gluten free, fresh vegan foods are my best choice. I drink lots of water and I always prefer stairs to elevator. I just love sport and fitness, strong and thin body is my target. I always try to fall asleep and wake up the same time. Regarding my face routine, I use only natural vegan products, I keep my skin fresh and clean during the day, I use very few or no make up at all. People always say that I look much younger than I actually am. I strongly believe that the secret is face massage. I use different devices but my favorite one is quartz roller.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I am really passionated nutritionist and I love teaching and helping others. I feel instant connection with people and I love listening their thoughts and sharing my ideas. I wish I could help everyone. I am also very dedicated person. I would never stop until I accomplish my goal. I plan and write down everything, I always track my time and I am never late.

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to stick with modeling for a bit more and then have a family. I love children and I could be a great mother. I would like to keep studying and experiencing more about healthy living and self healing. I wish I could travel more and maybe find another inspiration. I would never want to leave the fashion world though... Maybe in the future I could jump to the other side of this industry and do the marketing instead of modeling!

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I treasure great working experiences. One of them is collaboration with photographer Marc Evans. He helped me to stand out with my book and get some more connections. I loved working with Dickson Style Milano: such a great friendly and professional team, just loved the vibe. Participating in Miss Grand Prix 2020 was mind blowing. And the most significant experience of the year was seeing myself on the billboard in the center of Milan thanks for my collaboration with Milena Andrea.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

My advice to every girl out there would be to embrace yourself. What we see on the screens is so polished, so fake, that we start to believe that we are not pretty enough, not thin enough or not tall enough, but the truth is, if we love ourselves and take care of our body, we are more than enough. We shine. And the light gets noticed from far. So just shine, love your perfections and embrace you imperfections, trust yourself and step in. Nothing’s gonna stop you!

What do you think of the magazine?

I think that ModellenLand is a great informative and interactive magazine that amplifies all the interests of people from fashion world. It provides the opportunity to meet professionals from every sector of model industry and hear their stories. Its like being in the backstage of a fashion event. It is also an inspirational magazine for everyone from make up artist to designer.

Facebook-Laima Januseviciute, Instagram- laima_jn

Photo Marc Evans

Photo Marc Evans

Photo Marc Evans

Photo Marc Evans

Photo Marc Evans

Photo: Oksana Baranchykova

Mua: Olga Golovco

Hair : Maral Allamurarova

Brand : Sartoriafiorella

Photo: Oksana Baranchykova

Mua: Alice Maggioni

Brand and styling by Milena Andrade

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