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Interview: Model Paloma Ferrarese (Belgium)

How did you start modeling?

I started to be a model quite simply, my sister-in-law is a model and shared me on her network page and from there I was spotted by an excellent photographer (Gerald and Cryss), then I was very lucky I met other photographers gregory henrard, aubrayan, krystian, Jim, ect... and others who are coming, this has brought me competitions including top model Europe and now top model international,.....


What are your best experiences so far?

Each shooting is a very beautiful experience because each photographer has his own universe, I enter the world of an artist, I like to work with confidence, good humor, I have a connection with certain photographer we understand each other just with a look.


How do you see beauty?

For me beauty is subjective, it is not only external, for me the most beautiful beauty comes from within.

What do I think of my beauty? I may be small but I have everything I need to be tall, my style, my size, my origins, and above all my delusions set me apart.


How do you feel about your work as a model?

I love when I shoot with a new photographer because they are always amazed by my humor, naturalness and my professionalism.

The message as a model that I would like to convey is that we are all beautiful, let's assert our style, character, small or tall, thin or round, .... we are all equal.


What are your plans for the future?

My future projects as an international top model, pass the pre-selections for Miss Belgium 2025 and show that the difference is the future.


Do you have any advice to give to people who would like to start in this industry?

If you want to get into fashion, don't hesitate to model. We may not please everyone, but show yourself, show your inner self and your will. Above all, don't hesitate, it gave me confidence, and some very nice encounters.


What do you think of the magazine "Modellenland"?

Your magazine? I stumbled upon it stupidly and I loved it, class, photo and original article but above all you respect the styles, the universe and highlight the woman.



Photo credits:

Ph: @kristijankuzel

Mua: @eve_smolarski


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