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Interview: Photographer Woody Matt (Belgium)

Briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Wouter Mathyssen, born in Brasschaat in the year 1990. Besides being a photographer, I am also an enthusiastic guitarist and secretary of an old-timer club.

How and when did you start photography?

I got to know photography in the 6th secondary school in the direction of 'Free Visual Arts'. This would have been around 2007. After that I obtained a bachelor's degree in Photography at Sint Lukas Brussels.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a nice, challenging way for me to work towards something together with others. If you trust each other and create a nice photo shoot, the results will (usually) come naturally. In addition, the shoots themselves, regardless of the results, are always happy memories.

How do you think your work differs from others?

In all honesty, I prefer to leave this to others to judge. My view of my photography is, of course, too subjective for that. I just try to do better than the photo shoot before each time.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I sometimes look at Pinterest and of course you will also find great inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. This then serves as a mood board to work from during the shoot itself.

Do you think in advance what you want in the photo?

I always have a vague idea of what I want in the picture before the photo shoot starts. Partly due to possible mood boards. I don't necessarily pin myself down to a specific photo in mind. I like teamwork and am therefore open to opinions/thinking patterns of models and/or make-up artists. Sometimes more interesting developments emerge than I could think of in advance. Capturing the image is my responsibility as a photographer, but the process that precedes the image creation is pure collaboration.

Do you edit your photos and what do you do about it?

Yes. I try to keep this basic in terms of models. This means blemishes, making eyes stand out better, etc. I am not a plastic surgeon, so I will not be one as a 'processor'. For the rest, the general image can of course be tinkered with: adjust lighting, contrast, give data more or less attention, straighten the photo, ...

What do you prefer, Location or studio?

Both are nice, but if I have to choose it would be location. There is more 'story' to be created here. Although I am convinced that studio photography can be just as beautiful.

What are your future plans or what can we expect from you soon?

No idea. I'd rather let this come to me. Behind the scenes I am busy with some things, but I prefer to talk afterwards than to announce things in advance that may not happen. Until then I will again try to do more photo shoots and perform better each time.

What do you look for in the models you work with?

Appearance. A model must have something to say. Having said that, I am more of the classic 'male gaze' in terms of models. But I'm not ruling anyone out in advance. If there is an interesting theme and he/she fits into the story: why not?

What do you think of our magazine?

Nice magazine with nice interviews and photos 12 Do you have a message for the modeling world? Support each other a little more instead of tearing others down to justify yourself. The world is sour enough already. Rather put that energy into making great memories with fantastic photos that try to improve your own portfolio or that of the model/photographer/MUA!

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