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Photographer Alex Tsarfin (Israel)


 Alex Tsarfin, Conceptual Beauty, Portrait & Fine Art Photography at ATP Sudio, Tirat Carmel, Israel.


The story of Alex's creative development as a photographer is a beautiful testament to the evolution of an artist. Starting out as a multi-genre photographer, Alex eventually found his true calling in capturing the natural beauty of the female form. This is evident in his beautiful shots and restrained photographic style.


However, Alex growth as a photographer didn't end there. He began to explore the deep psychological concept of aesthetics, and how out personal perceptions of beauty an appearance are shaped by societal norms an cultural conditioning. Throug his work woth models, Alew learned to strip away artificial notions of beauty and capture thier treu selves and inner beauty in a way that is both authentic and empowering.


This journey of self-discovery is reflected in Alex's photographs, which have necome a celebration of thenaturel beauty thats lies within us all. His evolution as an artist is a beautiful exemple of the power of creativity and the importance growth in the pursuit of art.





2022 | Monochrome Photography Awards | 2nd Place in Fashion / Beauty

2022 | New York Photography Awards | Category, Gold, and Seven Silver Award

2021 | New York Photography Awards | Three Gold, and Seven Silver Award

2021 | MUSE Photography Awards | Nine Gold and One Silver Awards

2020 | Le Prix de la Photographie de Parris | Siver in Fine Art/Nudes

2020 | Fine Art Photography Awards | 2nd Place in Fashion

2019 | International Color Awards | 2nd Place in Fashion

2019 | Le Prix de la Photographie de Parris | Bronze in Portraiture/Personality

2019 | Siena International Photo Award | Finalist in Portrait




2023 | Modellenland Magazine | Issue 102

2023 | NUDE Magazine | Number #40 Black and White Issue

2023 | Vigour Magazine | Nude & Boudoir March Issue 01

2022 | MOB JORNAL | Vol.23 Issue #04

2022 | MOB JORNAL | Vol.23 Issue #61

2022 | BOUDOIR INSPIRATION | March Nude Issue

2022 | MARIKA Magazine | Portrait Issue 2067

2022 | MARIKA Magazine | Nude Issue 2048

2022 | DOMMINATE | Magazine | La Muses Edition Vol.144

2022 | BOUDOIR INSPIRATION | February Nude Issue

2022 | Want Magazine | Open Theme Issue 1 Vol.4

2022 | Angels International | Issue 39 Jessy

Infinite Dreams

Elegance in White

Deep Connection

Blues for a Dying Planet

Blue Jeans

Lady Shape

Water Magic

Touch the Sky

Sensual Empowerment

Meditation on Blue

Leaving Here

A Storm is Coming

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