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Editorial: Tangled by David Fergar

“The concept I was inspired by is the legend of the rede thread, an Asian Korean story that tell us that people are connected before birth through a red thread. In this work, I have not only connected two people but the whole world. Something tht makes it inclusive and with a change of roles. I was also inspired by classical architecture, straight lines, and everything very clean and polished. “


Makeup, Hair, photography and editing. : David Fergar @davidfergarmua

Models: Elena Garrido @elena_lovesmile, Mario Hernádez @mario.hernanddez.

Communication: Óscar Martínez @oscarmr76

Colllaborators: La Biosthétique @labiosthetiquespain_pro, Lim Hair @limhair, Ardell @ardell_iberia, Inglot @inglotspainoficial.

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